Keeping our younger students engaged.

In our Junior School online lessons delivered via Seesaw have been complimented by two Zoom lessons throughout the day to help build communication and connection.

Younger students will burnout or lose interest if most of their day is spent in a zoom meeting. Likewise, Seesaw as a platform does not provide the face-to-face contact. Therefore, to capitalise on maximising student attention, a thirty-minute zoom session is organised by each classroom teacher to start the day and ensure each student is on the right track.

At 12.45pm each day, the classroom teacher again connects with their students for an opt-in session of socialising. Throughout this time, a teacher may read a book, or play a whole-class game with main goal of helping their students connect with each other.

Learning looks very different online and every home situation is unique.  Therefore, teachers have created activities that meet learning outcomes in a variety of ways and timetabling is flexible incorporating student choice.

Each day a suggested schedule for participation is released to students at 7am with sometimes compulsory and optional recommendations.  This early release of lessons each day enables learning flexibility around home life. Lessons remain available to students for two days if something requires catching up. While flexibility is provided, we recommend routines for student success. 

A major factor behind the great online engagement that we are experiencing in our Junior School is the communication and prompt feedback from classroom teachers to students on their work submitted through the Seesaw app.

All teachers at Lakes Grammar are working above and beyond their normal duties. Online teacher is far more time consuming and intense to deliver and in Term 3 our teachers commitment to both their students, colleagues and their profession has been unquestionable.


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