In honouring each child’s individuality, the school provides rich educational programs which offer appropriate and targeted learning opportunities for all students, including those who require additional intervention. This aligns with the school’s notion of inclusive education - to meet the diverse learning needs of all students within a mainstream context.

Collaborative teaching teams are responsible for the individualised teaching and learning programs of all students. At each year level, the teaching team consists of class teachers, Learning Support teachers for Literacy and Numeracy and teachers’ aides.

The Learning Support team members teach during English and Maths classes to support the provision of differentiated instruction and support their colleagues by using detailed information on each student to guide teaching and learning. They also contribute to the monitoring of assessment results and documentation of any adjustments required. Specialised lessons using the MultiLit suite of programs (Prelit, MiniLit and MacqLit) and some small group support for Mathematics are also offered.

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