Lakes Grammar offers a limited number of academic scholarships each year. These scholarships give families a 50% reduction in the school’s tuition fees, but do not cover other costs such as the resources activity levy, uniforms, textbooks or other cocurricular activities.

The scholarships are based on the results of academic testing and student’s leadership, community service, contribution to school and other cocurricular activities

We encourage high potential students to apply.

Please note:

  • The selection decision by the principal is final. The results of the scholarship selection are confidential and will not be disclosed.
  • Potential scholarship recipients will be asked to attend an interview with the principal which forms part of the selection process.
  • Students who are awarded an academic scholarship are expected to maintain the highest levels of conduct and application at school. Students who accept a scholarship are required to pay the enrolment deposit.

Applications are now closed for 2024.

For further information, please contact our Registrar at

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