With heart, soul, mind and strength


The more students can be involved in school life, the greater the sense of belonging. Leadership opportunities allow students to share their ideas, communicate with peers and staff and provide positive role models to younger students. 

We have several formal opportunities for students to take up leadership positions and many informal occasions for students to step up and develop leadership skills.

  • Student Representative Council – Years 7-12
  • Mental Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) Team – Years 9 and 10
  • Leadership Program – Year 11
  • Peer Support – Year 11
  • Leadership team – Year 12

We strive to develop compassionate and servant-hearted young people. We encourage our students to look beyond their own needs, find ways to help those around them and develop their ability to look out into the world around them and identify what needs to be done.

Community service forms part of our existing award point structure with students being acknowledged for voluntary work they undertake both in and outside of the school. There are a number of regular service activities undertaken at school which are listed below, in addition to student-led community service projects:

  • Ulimiliko Award
  • ANZAC Day and Remembrance Service Activities
  • Samaritans Christmas Appeal
  • Year 11 Vietnam Service Trip

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