The teaching and learning activities in the Senior School at Lakes Grammar are designed to encourage students to become deep thinkers and learners. As a Learning Powered School, the classrooms are places where students are supported and encouraged to develop into confident and capable learners through being inquisitive, reflective and determined. Our teaching programs are structured so students are given numerous opportunities to apply knowledge and skills they have learnt to new situations which are relevant to their own world and the world around them, delving deep into their learning, asking questions, crafting, deducing and critiquing. 

Learning activities within classes are differentiated to cater for a range of abilities. Learning experiences are scaffolded to allow access to students requiring additional help and extension activities for those with a high academic ability.  

Students with learning difficulties are supported by a specialised team and we offer small literacy and numeracy support classes and assessment support classes to further assist these students. Students in Years 7-10, who are high achievers or who are Gifted and Talented identified, have an opportunity to participate in an Honours program in English, Mathematics and Science. Gifted and Talented students from Years 7-10 are invited to attend ‘Galileo Class’, where students, through inquiry, critically or creatively explore an area of personal interest once a fortnight. A High Achievers Mentor Program is available for high achieving students in Years 11 and 12. 

All students are supported to achieve their post-school career aspirations. Students can choose a more traditional academic study pathway or may also incorporate Vocational Education and Training Courses in their pattern of study. This can include TAFE and/or Trade Training Centre Courses. Students with special needs havan option of attaining their HSC through studying Life Skills courses. 

To further enhance the learning experiences offered in the class and to allow students to delve deeper into an area about which they are passionate, we off our Cognito Extra-Curricular Program. Our teachers, through the opportunities offered, encourage and assist students to go more deeply into an area of interest, to learn more about an area of learning, to apply their knowledge to real-world programs and to present to real-world audiences. 

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