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Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School is a comprehensive co-educational school providing an education underpinned by the Christian teaching and values of the Anglican Church of Australia as practised in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. Our selection criteria are established to reflect this ethos of our school. Consequently, we seek to enrol those children we judge to be best able to benefit from the academic program we offer, who demonstrate a willingness to participate in a wide range of activities, and whose families understand and are supportive of the Christian aims of the School.

We will assess all applications for enrolment against the following criteria:

  • The prospective student has a brother or sister who is a current student at the School.
  • The prospective student has a parent or sibling who is an ex-student of the School.
  • The date of application.
  • The willingness of the prospective student to benefit from the educational offering and co-educational character of the school.
  • The willingness of the prospective student to participate in and contribute to the life of the School.
  • The willingness of the student and the family to support the school’s Code of Conduct and its Christian faith and practice.
  • The capacity of the school to support the interests and academic needs of the student.
  • Assessment of the student’s personal characteristics and approach to academic work as set out in school reports.

None of the above by itself is a determining factor. Enrolment decisions taken are the responsibility of the Principal. The reasons for declining to offer enrolment will not necessarily be given.

Lakes Grammar complies with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Lakes Grammar Enrolment Processes

Parents may apply for their child to enter any grade from Kindergarten to Year 12. However, the school has limited places to offer. After these places are offered, a waiting list is drawn up. This list will be used to make later Offers of Enrolment if students to whom initial offers were made decide not to accept their offers, or if students already enrolled withdraw from the School.

School Commencement Age Policy

A child must turn 5 before 31 March to enrol in Kindergarten. We believe this gives students the best opportunity to reach the learning and independence milestones during Kindergarten. The Principal may approve a variation to this after staff have assessed the child’s school readiness through appropriate avenues, including a report from the child’s pre-school.

Receiving an Offer of Enrolment

All offers of enrolment are subject to an interview with the Principal or the Principal’s delegate. All Applicants are assessed against the Enrolment Criteria, and Applicants who meet the Enrolment Criteria are invited to participate in an Enrolment Interview. Successful applicants then receive an Offer of Enrolment.

Deferring an Offer of Enrolment

Whilst it is possible to defer a student’s Application for Enrolment to a later year, it is not possible to defer an Offer of Enrolment. If we offer a student a place for a particular year, that offer only applies to that year - it does not apply for a later year. We will reconsider an Application for Enrolment at the later year, with all other applications.

Enrolment Contract

Parents may accept a place for their child by signing the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and paying the required Enrolment Fee. This will establish the parents’ agreement to support the School Rules and Policies, to pay the School Fees and Charges, to accept the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and the consequences of suspension or termination of Enrolment.

Fees during the enrolment process

Application Fee ($55) to be paid when completing the online Application. This is a non-refundable fee and does not guarantee an interview or a place at the school.
To secure your child’s enrolment at Lakes Grammar we require payment of a non-refundable enrolment fee of $200 per child (capped at $600 per family). This must be paid at the time of accepting an Offer of Enrolment.

Privacy of information supplied

All enrolment information that parents supply during the Enrolment Process will be kept confidential and accessed only by those staff involved in the Enrolment Process. If an Application for Enrolment is not successful we will retain the information, with the permission of the parents, in case a place should become available later.

Parents’ Declaration

In completing the online Application for Enrolment we will ask parents to declare that to the best of their knowledge they have:

disclosed any special needs of their child - this will enable an informed conversation about meeting your child’s needs
provided a copy of any Parenting or Restraint Order that applies to the prospective student and parent(s) and
completed fully the online Application

If a parent withholds information relevant to the Application and Enrolment Process then we will reserve the right to refuse, or terminate the Enrolment Process on these grounds.

Enrolment Policy Changes

The School Board reserves the right to alter its Enrolment Policy.

Further information

If you require any further information please contact:

Racquel Jolly, Registrar
P: 4393 4111
E: enrolments@lakes.nsw.edu.au

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