Identified Gifted and Talented students in the Senior School work closely with the Gifted and Talented Mentor and have personalised learning plans developed for them. Students from Years 7-10 have an opportunity to join an inquiry-based class, ‘Galileo’, once a fortnight where they explore a personal interest project. This program is based on Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model, with a focus on students working in small groups or individually to investigate real world problems.  

All students in Core Subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography) are grouped by similar abilities. In Mathematics we offer an Extension class in Years 7 and 8 and self-nominating Honours courses are available for students to complete in Years 7-10 in English, Mathematics and Science.  

The Gifted and Talented Program also includes:  

  • Differentiation of the regular classroom programs to meet individual needs  
  • Academic Competitions  
  • Cognito Enrichment Clubs and Opportunities  
  • Opportunity to study extension courses in English, Mathematics and Science for the HSC  

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