Term 2 in Review



As Term 2 draws to a close, Lakes Learners allows us to review the wide variety of learning and co-curricular activities from which our students have benefited this term. It is well known that a strong connection with their school is protective of good mental health for young people. Through our wellbeing programs, classroom learning, wide variety of co-curricular activities and good teacher-student relationships, we hope that our students will develop that strong sense of connection with their school. The reports and photographs in this edition of Lakes Learners give a glimpse of life at Lakes and incidentally highlight the dedication of our staff to provide quality experiences for our students.

Michael Hannah




Term 2 has been a productive time of learning and friendship in the Junior School.

Our School was well represented in the Anzac Day March at Doyalson with many students also participating in a number of community marches, representing our school with pride, and commemorating the sacrifices that our fallen servicemen and women have made for our nation. We were also privileged to join with ex-servicemen from Toukley RSL for our School Anzac Day ceremony during the first week of term as well.

Junior School students have enjoyed their weekly Gymnastics lessons with Sport in Schools, as well as our School Athletics Carnival. Kindergarten and Year 1 enjoyed an Athletics Activity afternoon on our Junior School Oval, whilst students in Years 2–6  travelled to Warnervale Athletics Oval and enjoyed the friendly competition and College rivalry. Our Cross Country team enjoyed great success at the HRIS Carnival, with Ava Burgess, Ella Burgess, Kathryn Cook, Grace Crumbley, Mia Kehoe, Addison Kowaliw, Giselle Simon and Harrison Williams progressing through to CIS level. Our Year 5 students enjoyed participating in the HRIS Basketball gala day and a number of boys enjoyed participating in the Paul Kelly Cup AFL competition.

Our gratitude goes to our P & F Association for supporting the children in purchasing gifts for their mothers at the Mothers’ Day Stall and for the opportunity for all of our mothers at the school to enjoy our annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast with their children.

Year 2 students have been enjoying their study of History this term and valued the opportunity to take an excursion to Alison Homestead to visit the historical museum and extend their knowledge about changes to our local area over time.

Year 5 and 6 students participated in the HICES Debating Competition against a number of independent schools in our region with great success under Mrs Holland’s guidance. The students progressed through their first ever impromptu debate against William Clarke College in the HICES Preliminary Final last week. The topic was ‘That video games are good for children’s development’. The students took the negative and argued their points very well. They had a successful win and will go up against Central Coast Grammar School in the Quarter Finals. Well done to the team of Noah Simon, Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage, Tahlia Moore, Yalkin Shevket, Jaydee Lourens, and Alyvia Slade.

A number of students also attended HRIS Public Speaking with Mrs Leslie’s support, with the achievements of the students below being a particular highlight:

  • Jayda Kemm - Highly Commended in Bible Reading
  • Hannah Ruzicka - 3rd in Bible Reading
  • Finlay Pigot-Irving - 3rd in Bible Reading
  • Cleo McNeill - 1st in Impromptu Speech
  • Sage Kenny -  3rd in Impromptu Speech
  • Scarlett Kurki - Highly Commended in Impromptu Speech
  • Ravi Francke - 1st in Prepared Speech
  • Elodie Jewell - 1st in Poetry

Students are preparing to represent our school at Snowsports over the winter holidays and the Chess, Equestrian, Coding and Robotics Clubs have provided an excellent opportunity for many students.  Our thanks go to Mrs Jobe-Parker, Mr Cantor and Mr Crumbley for facilitating these activities.

Our Band students had a wonderful time at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music’s ‘Big Day Out’ this week and many of our Year 4 – 6 Choir students are busily preparing for the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival which will take place at Sydney Town Hall in August. .

A group of our students who have been undertaking the Trinity College London Speech and Drama lessons have sat their examinations for the next grade of that syllabus and achieved some outstanding results, with duo teams receiving a distinction grade. Noah and Giselle Simon received 87% and Tahlia and Briella Moore received a huge 94%! They also scored full marks on one of their pieces.

The HRIS and IPSHA Travelling Art Shows both visited the school this term, with many Lakes Grammar students proudly viewing their art work on display.

Year 3 – 6 students enjoyed our Family Chapel Service at Lakes Anglican Church in mid June and their choral singing and leadership of prayers and Bible Readings proved to be a wonderful addition to the service.

We commemorated National Reconciliation Week and our 2019 Kindergarten students began their visits to the school. The Student Representative Council has continued to meet and bring about positive growth in the school through their student voice and our Year 6 cohort have undertaken Peer Support training in preparation for Term 3. The Library continues to be a source of excitement and inspiration with many students continuing to work through the Premier’s Reading Challenge and participating in National Simultaneous Storytime.

Congratulations to all of the Year 5 and 6 students who participated in the DaVinci Decathlon, which is a series of challenges in which teams of eight from a range of schools compete in a range of disciplines inspired by Leonardo DaVinci. The theme was the concept of exploration. The tasks that students undertook included English, Mathematics and Chess, Science, Engineering, Philosophy, Art and Poetry, Cartography, General Knowledge and Code Breaking tasks for gifted and talented students. Our Year 5 and 6 teams initially participated in the Regional DaVinci Decathlon in Term 1 at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College with Year 6 placing first on that day and progressing through to the State DaVinci Decathlon championships at Knox Grammar in May A huge well done to our boys and girls who attended and gave a great effort on the day and were wonderful representatives of our school – Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Jaydee Lourens, Tahlia Moore, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Boyd Rumbel, Noah Simon, Rohith Srinivas, Nathan Wilson. 

Year 6 students have been busy this term, in the Senior School Science laboratories working with Mrs Charker, our Science Co-ordinator, to grow crystals for the RACI competition. Year 6 and the OC also enjoyed their Camp to Canberra, making any discoveries about Australian government, democracy and Federation, as well as visiting a range of sites in Canberra including Questacon, the AIS and the Embassies.

Students have also enjoyed the Spelling Bees and Jump Rope for Heart fundraisers this week – our thanks go to Mrs Holland and Miss Lutze for organising these two events.

The Professional Development focus for our teaching team has been on refining our teaching programs to further integrate the use of student feedback on learning to reflect Hattie’s research in this area in the context of the English curriculum. We have also undertaken a ‘Lesson Study’ where the teachers on each grade have collaborated to plan and observe lessons tailored to a specific focus on teacher and student feedback identified by each grade.

Well done to all of our students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 for the manner in which they have embraced the wide range of academic, co-curricular and spiritual opportunities on offer at the school and made the term a successful one.

We are looking forward to Term 3 where building work will commence on our new Junior School STEM Centre which will prove to be an amazing resource to enhance students’ learning in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

Students are preparing to represent our school at Snowsports over the winter holidays and the Chess, Equestrian, Coding and Robotics Clubs have provided an excellent opportunity for many students.  Our thanks go to Mrs Jobe-Parker, Mr Cantor and Mrs Rush for facilitating these activities.


Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


This event was held at Cessnock on Friday, 22 June.

The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for students in HRIS schools to showcase their public speaking skills to the wider HRIS community and to provide students with an opportunity to compete in a fair and friendly environment.

Each HRIS school is invited to enter one student per grade (Years 3-6) in each category.

Students will be expected to project their voice as microphones will not be used. Students may not participate in more than one category.

Public Speaking Categories

  • Bible Reading
  • Impromptu Reading
  • Prepared Speech
  • Poetry

Jayda K Highly Commended in Bible Reading


Hannah R 3rd in Bible Reading

Finlay P 3rd in Bible Reading

Cleo M 1st in Impromptu Speech

Sage K 3rd in Impromptu Speech

Scarlett K Highly Commended in Impromptu Speech

Ravi F 1st in Prepared Speech

Elodie J 1st in Poetry

Go Lakes!  So proud of them all!

Karen Leslie

Junior School Teacher


The Training and Concert Band attended the annual Big Day Out workshop at Lisarow High this week. The event was facilitated by the Central Coast Conservatorium and involved specialist tutors, 12 schools and more than 300 students.

Our students enjoyed a day of workshops, rehearsals, performing and meeting new friends from schools across the Central Coast.

Highlights from the excursion included the outstanding performance from the Training band, whose students have been learning their instrument for only 2 terms. The Concert Band added to their growing repertoire a challenging arrangement of the ‘Pokemon Theme’ and the beautiful melodies from the East with ‘Banshdin’.


Nathan Fepuleai

Junior School Teacher


After school Drama classes in the Junior School have enjoyed a week of performances celebrating achievements throughout the Semester.

From beginner classes through to advanced groups and individual lessons, Libby has co-ordinated a comprehensive and engaging Drama group with students recently attaining outstanding results in their Trinity examinations.

We wish ‘Miss Libby’ all the very best with her maternity leave for Semester 2 and extend our gratitude to Peita and Steph for their work.

Nathan Fepuleai

Junior School Teacher


What’s been happening in Gifted and Talented Education in Term 2?

University of NSW ICAS Competition

We have had many students participate in the ICAS Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling and Writing this term. We look forward to receiving our results in Term 3.

Mathematics Enrichment – Newton Challenge

This term we have had a small group of students from Year 6 participate in the Mathematics Enrichment Stage – Newton Stage. The problems are very challenging and require time and persistence. The students worked collaboratively in small groups to solve the problems and present written solutions.

The da Vinci Decathlon 2018

This year our Year 6 da Vinci Team won the Hunter Regional, so were able to participate in the State da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar early this term. The students had a wonderful day and competed against over 1000 students from many schools gathered from across NSW.

The team included: Tahlia Moore, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Noah Simon, Jaydee Lourens, Rohith Srinivas, Nathan Wilson, Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage and Boyd Rumbel.

The Great Hall at Knox Grammar.

Junior School Spelling Bee 2018

This year it was a great pleasure to see our Year 1 and 2 students participate in our annual Spelling Bee. Years 3 to 6 had their Spelling Bee on Wednesday 27 June and Years 1 and 2 on Thursday, 28 June. Both events were sensational, with the students encouraging and supporting each other in the competition.

Our Spelling Bee Champions for each grade are:




Year 1

Ashley Webb

Brianna Maidens

Alice Stat

Year 2

Judy Lin

Ava Dickinson

April Murphy

Year 3

Saanika Purohit

Christopher Webb

Brayden Croucher

Year 4

Hannah Ruzicka

Arini Yellamaraju

Josef Aad

Year 5

Jerome Dagang

Douglas Ruzicka

Alyce Hokin

Year 6

Noah Simon

Rihiana Gosselin

Ruby Chivers

Year 2

Year 4

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Programmes and Competitions in 2018

Information regarding upcoming programmes, competitions and courses will be communicated throughout the year.

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator




Term 2, while short is always jam packed with activity, and I congratulate the staff and our students for their dedication and involvement throughout the term.

We commenced the term with a wonderful Anzac Day Service that was competently organised by Senior Students in our History Department, and the event was a credit to them and our teachers. Term 2 has exams and assessment, but it is also a time where we run a camp for Year 11 and a number of particular events on our calendar. On the Science and Technology front the Science Faculty ran a brilliant technology day for Year 8 along with some additional students from Year 7 and the Junior School. In May we also hosted a special in-service for STEM in robotics, involving the University of Newcastle and other schools on the coast. We won the RoboCup dance challenge for Year 7 in the Central Coast Region, and this team will move on to the State challenge in August.

Our debaters have also been representing us well in both the Junior and Senior Schools, with one of our Junior teams now progressing to the quarter finals of the State competition, while our Senior team has recently competed in this round and has progressed to the semi-finals with a fine win last week.

Students have also been involved in a number of excursions and sporting competitions over the term which you will read more about in the following pages. There are a number of Cognito activities which we continue to offer throughout the year, and I would encourage all our students to be involved in the wonderful opportunities that Lakes has to offer.

Mr Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


As we enter our winter holidays, I would encourage students and their families to enjoy this time of rest and relaxation. While I know many students, particularly Year 12’s, will still be keen to study over this period, I would encourage all students and their families to put aside some time for self-care.

There are many ways to look after ourselves including taking fun breaks, going outside, exercising and eating well.

Students and their families may also find it beneficial to speak to someone over the holidays and there are lots of great services that young people and their families can access, which are listed below.

Kids Helpline:                                                              eHeadspace:                             

Phone: 1800 55 1800                                                    Phone: 1800 650 890

Headspace (In person counselling):                           Parent Line                        

Lake Haven: 02 4394 9100                                           Phone: 1300 1300 52

Gosford: 02 4304 7870                                                 


I look forward to seeing you all next term and wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Caitlin French

Senior School Counsellor


This term we have undertaken our last Year 12 Geography field work for the HSC and competed in the Model United Nations Assembly. Below are our students’ accounts of these events.

Year 12 Geography Excursion

In Year 12 Geography this term, we have been studying the topic People and Economic Activity, focusing on viticulture in both Australia and globally. We recently went on an excursion to Tamburlaine Winery, Australia’s largest organic winery, where we were taken on a tour. The tour was extremely useful and provided us with insight to both the vineyards and the process of winemaking. We learnt how grapes are grown and the preferred environmental conditions. We also learnt about the processes of the wine making itself, including the different stages and equipment required. Overall, Tamburlaine Winery as an excursion was very worthy for our study, and a great experience.

Sophie Jones

Year 12


Model United Nations – Year 11 Cognito

On Thursday, 14 June four Year 11 students, Olivia Clarkson, Oliver Shedden, Jordan Stevens and Elyse Hayhurst got the opportunity to participate in the Central Coast Model United Nations Assembly at Newcastle University’s Model United Nations.  In this, each school group selected a country to represent and discuss the following four motions:

  1. The Eradication of Malaria
  2. The U.N. in Global Economic Governance
  3. Regulating of International Migration
  4. Participation of Women in U.N. Peacekeeping Operations.

The Lakes Grammar team represented Indonesia and we were able to debate on highly potent issues such as the regulating of international migration and the Eradication of Malaria from our country’s point of view. Although we were unsuccessful in winning we were able to witness some incredible points of view and some very interesting fancy dress. Overall a great day full of new friends and new-found views!

Elyse Hayhurst

Year 11


As Semester 1 draws to a close we are extremely proud and happy to look back at the number of successful musical performances by some of our very talented musicians and vocalists here at Lakes Grammar.

We had the Year 11 elective music class perform a fantastic rendition of “Drops of Jupiter” showing how much their performance skills are developing from their years of performing putting them in good shape for their HSC next year.

Year 9 elective performed a great instrumental cover of “Pumped up Kicks” which was an impressive version arranged by the students and was also the first time the class performed in front of the school as a group.

Piper, Ellen and Taylah from Year 12 astonished staff and students alike with their amazing harmonies and country sounds of Piper’s HSC piece “Travilin’ Solider” these three girls are raising the standard each time they grace the stage!

This semester’s last assembly saw the Vocal ensemble under the direction of the very talented Mrs Whitwell go from strength-to-strength performing the piece “ A Million Dreams” from the “Greatest Showman”. They also sang “This is Me” with the Junior Choir at the Junior school awards assembly showing the school that they have a diverse range of repertoire that is entertaining all of our school at both assemblies and formal school events. We look forward to their future performances.

The Music department is very excited that the music of our students and ensembles flourishes through the school and is showcased regularly at all our fortnightly assemblies, providing terrific opportunities for our students to share their musical gifts.

Luke Gallen

Senior School Music Teacher




Term 2 has absolutely flown past this year…it seems the older I get the faster time travels.  Pete and I have managed to pack a lot of exciting activities with the students into the term and are looking forward to slowing down for a few weeks.  Hopefully this review of the term will give you a bit of a snapshot or two of the chaplaincy goings on. 

Each morning Pete and I lead what we call staff devotions where we read a Bible passage, share a short talk (hopefully inspiring and challenging) and then we have a prayer time.  We have been working our way through the book of Acts which tells the story of the early church.  Our hope is that as we reflect together on what those first Christians experienced that we might be encouraged in our own spiritual growth.  It is amazing how some basic human experiences have not changed across the last 2 millennia!

We continue to have 3 lunchtime Cru groups that meet each week.  On Wednesdays we have Boys Cru and Girls Cru for Years 5 and 6 students and I hear that excitement is building in Year 4 as their chance to join draws closer.  On Mondays we have our Year 9 led group for Year 7’s which has been affected by conflicting demands on the student leaders, exam schedules, NAPLAN and absences.  Term 3 will see a whole new program sorted which is very exciting for our Year 7’s.  A big thanks to all our Cru leaders for their wonderful leadership and freely giving of their time for the students.

This term we only had the one school service at Lakes Anglican and it was for Years 3 to 6.  It is the first one that I have missed in as long as I can remember and by all accounts was fantastic.  I heard that the choir sang beautifully and a whole host of students were involved in the service in other ways.  Next term we will have the last 2 of these formal engagements with Lakes Anglican but I know a number of our school families attend each Sunday in what is a growing parish.  Several of our students also attend 628Crew on the first Sunday of the month which is a youth group that my wife Annette and I co-ordinate with Mrs Mayall (former student and teacher of our school).  Contact me if you want to know more.

In the middle of our term we took our Year 7’s to the cathedral in Newcastle where they could experience engaging with the 3 other schools from the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation.  The Dean of the cathedral spoke to them about deep peace, they sang along with the Scone Grammar chapel band, went on a tour of the cathedral and had a BBQ lunch together in the grounds.  It is a wonderful day of collegiality and learning.  Bishop Sonia welcomed them on behalf of the diocese and made note that she had attended school with not just the Dean but our very own Mrs Hobden.

This term has also seen us experiencing a day long visit by Bishop Peter.  He was brave enough to be interviewed by students across 3 chapels and revealed his love of Pink, even letting the students know that he will be in the standing zone in front of the stage when she is in Sydney in August.  Bishop Peter and I also attended a world first Anglican Identity in Schools Summit in Melbourne.  Two days of roundtable discussions is hoped to result in a paper by the facilitator on what it means to be an Anglican school in Australia.

Finally, Pete has enjoyed being on the Year 6 camp to Canberra and their recent Peer Support training days.  I have loved coaching our under 15’s football team who made the top 4 teams on the coast.  I know that for Pete and I it is in participating in these extra activities that we are so privileged to walk alongside the students.  We love our roles and hope that you may experience some wonderful family time across the mid-year break.  We hope too that in any of our conversations and encounters you may have had with us that you may have sensed God’s love for you. 

Bless ya,





School Holidays Admin Office Hours:

Junior School Admin Office will be open Monday, 2 July – Friday, 6 July from 9.00am to 12.00pm and closed from Monday, 9 July – Friday, 20 July.

Monday, 23 July the school office is closed until 2.30pm for staff development.



It has been a very exciting term for the Lakes Grammar Debate Teams! We have had three teams, Junior, Middle and Open Divisions, move through to the Finals Rounds in the HICES Debating Competition. In the Finals Rounds we debate against Independent Schools from all over NSW. It is very exciting for our debaters to be competing at this level.

Our Open, Middle and Junior Teams have all been successful in their first Finals Round and will all continue in the competition in Term 3.

Opens team:

  • Aidan Munford
  • Jordan Stevens
  • Oliver Shedden
  • Elyse Hayhurst

Middle Team:

  • Alex Voigt
  • Jack Blackshaw
  • Kasey Young
  • Chloe Collins

Junior Team:

  • Noah Simon
  • Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage
  • Tahlia Moore
  • Yalkin Shevket


Junior Team following their win against William Clarke College.

Phoebe Stibbard and Amanda Holland

Debating Coordinators