Term 3 in Review



As Term 3 closes we reflect on the wide variety of learning and other activities in which our students have been involved in this term. As well as having success and enriching experiences in school-related activities outside of school, our students have received many compliments by the external organisers of those events. Our debaters and chess players are only two of the groups this applies to. This week I interviewed a prospective casual teacher who represented Avondale College at our Careers Expo at the end of Term 2. She told me how impressed she was with our students’ manners, behaviour and interest shown, resulting in her desire to teach here. Home and school unite to nurture good manners in our young people that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. I sometimes say to students that good manners means simply showing respect to others.

Student Leaders 2018-19

We had an excellent group of Year 11 students who applied for leadership roles this term. Twenty-nine students out of a year group of 68 applied. Mr Samways and I interviewed each of them, after they had submitted a written application. We always enjoy these interviews as they reveal many new things that our students are doing outside of school that delight and sometimes surprise us. We then conducted a survey of Year 11 students and staff. This enabled us to narrow the group down to the 16 that form the leadership group. I am pleased to announce the following students as our new leaders:


Elyse Hayhurst

Jordan Stevens

Vice Captains:

Julia Araneta

Oliver Shedden


Harrison Blake

Olivia Clarkson

Bree Crosswell-Levy

Kaitlyn DeShannon

Paddy Harrison

Sarah Hattam

Allyson Kilpatrick

Robbie MacDonald

Shivesh Paramunsee

Jack Riches

Gautham Srinivas

Aimee-Jane Strawbridge

I congratulate these students and thank them for the many ways they have contributed to the life of our school. We will hold our Prefect Induction on Tuesday, 16 October at 9am. In this assembly we also present our incoming Year 12 students with their Year 12 badges.

Outgoing Student Leaders

As our Year 12 students graduate today I would like to thank our outgoing student leaders:


Savannah Jolly

Cooper Hills

Vice Captains:

Camryn Kendall

Mitchell Flintham


Whitney Akhurst

Claire Cantwell-Lewin

Jacinta Clark

Georgia Crook

Chloe Heuchan

Cherri Ingle

Alexa Talbot

Taylah Theakstone

Eric Weber

Aidan Munford

Farewell Year 12

Today we farewelled our Year 12 students at their Graduation and tonight at their Formal. Nine of these students have travelled the whole 13 years of schooling at Lakes, starting in 2006. Many others joined at different times and the bulk joined in Year 7 in 2013. It is a privilege to be a part of the growth of such young people from childhood to adulthood and to know that we have had some input into who they are becoming. We pray that their preparations for the HSC exams will go smoothly and that they will be able to achieve to their best. As they leave Lakes Grammar I pray that they will take with them not only fond memories but a clear understanding of God’s love for them and his desire to shelter them under his wings.




Michael Hannah




What an amazing third term of the year it has been in the Junior School. The term commenced with our teaching staff undertaking professional development in English as we examined the way in which we can continue to incorporate indigenous perspectives into our curriculum.

The Junior School students have enjoyed participating in the Dance program with Sport in Schools this term which culminated in a great assembly and grade dance off on Wednesday – the program provided a wonderful opportunity for all of our students and for our great dancers. 

Year 1 enjoyed an amazing excursion to Gosford, visiting the Art Gallery and the Chinese Gardens, whilst Year 4 enjoyed their Science Day at school recently, designing and constructing Marble Runs and competing to see which class had built the most effective one.

It has been an exciting and successful term for students in our Chess Club who competed at the Interschool Chess Challenge. Following on from placing 1st  in their qualifying round, the students were invited to compete at the Interschool Chess Semi-Final at Baulkham Hills North Public School. Our students competed brilliantly and finished in 3rd  Place. Students then competed in the Finals on Friday, 21 September in Sydney. Lakes Grammar finished in 6th place overall.

Congratulations to Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage, Noah Simon, Ayan Sarkar, Corey Englebrecht and Marcus Wells. A special mention to Marcus who finished in 5th Place at the semi-final. This was an excellent achievement in very strong competition. Thank you to all the parents who supported and encouraged the students on the day.

Our Robocup teams comprised of Makayla Beasley, Evie Challinor-Renfrey, Valentina Williams, Giselle Simon, Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage, Rohith Srinivas, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Nathan Wilson, Noah Simon, Yalkin Shevket, Jerome Dagang, Tyson Mcleod and Gianni Williams competed in the State Championships at the University of New South Wales.

Students in the Junior School relished the visit by acclaimed children’s author, Deborah Abela, who shared with us many facts about the art and process for writing - and lots of humour too!

This term also saw Lakes Grammar hold its Interschools Equestrian event at Morisset Showground under Mrs Jobe-Parker’s excellent leadership. A number of our students took advantage of the opportunity to represent our school proudly at this event.

Many of our students from the Year 4 - 6 Choir, Band and String Ensemble entertained the audience at Sydney Town Hall at the annual IPSHA Performing Arts Festival. The boys and girls sang some wonderful pieces for our school item and concluded the evening by participating in a combined choir of over 400 students with the other seven schools present on the evening.

Our HICES Debating team of Noah Simon, Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage, Tahlia Moore and Yalkin Shevket progressed through to the quarter finals of the statewide Chapman Cup competition for Years 5 and 6 against Central Coast Grammar School, representing our school with pride in progressing so far through the competition.

A number of the boys and girls from Years 2 – 6 competed in the ICAS UNSW Competitions this year, with our school achieving eight High Distinctions and 59 Distinctions in Digital Technologies, English, Spelling, Writing and Science, with Mathematics results still to arrive early next term. Well done to all of the students involved in the competition as our results were outstanding across the board.

It was quite the term on the sporting field with students representing the school with distinction in Oztag, Cricket, Soccer and Netball as well as at the HRIS Athletics Carnival with many students progressing through to CIS level. A special mention goes to Lexi Russell of Year 2 who competed at the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships held at Perisher. Lexi had a very successful meet for Boarder X coming in 5th (now placing her the 5th fastest girl under 10 in Australia!).

Our annual Fathers’ Day Stall and Breakfast were again a great success and were strongly attended. These are always wonderful occasions to chat with our school families and the wonderful performance of our music students at the breakfast, certainly added to the atmosphere. Our thanks again go to the P & F for all of their efforts with these two events.

A number of students attended the HICES Gifted and Talented Camp for a week at Elanora Heights Conference Centre to study a range of different topics and to enjoy being extended in their learning.

A number of students enjoyed participating in Tournament of Minds with three teams attending Newcastle Grammar School this year and achieving wonderful results.

Year 5 and OC students enjoyed their camp at Bathurst where they had an enjoyable time of learning through exploring the goldfields, the Macquarie River and Mount Panorama. A further highlight of the trip was the opportunity to venture on the Scenic World SkYrail at Katoomba. The students returned with a great wealth of knowledge about the discovery of gold in Australia from all that they had been able to see and do.

Our Playgroup program has continued to expand – I really must recommend this program which takes place every Tuesday morning at the school. It is a great opportunity for your little one (younger than school age) to enjoy some great activities and for you to be able to form friendships with other parents at the same time.

We had a wonderful time celebrating R U OK? Day to promote positive mental health and collegiality for both students and staff. A number of Senior School students set a wonderful example in visiting the Junior School and facilitating activities so effectively. Concluding the day with an impromptu dance and bubble blowing session under the COLA finished things on a real high!

Well done to the boys and girls who were able to attend the Pride in Excellence Morning Tea with Mr Hannah, Mr Johns and I on Monday. It is great to recognize the achievement and involvement of these students in all areas of our school life. I commend them for the high standard that they have achieved and for ‘having a go’ at the different opportunities on offer in our Junior School.

Jacob G, Addyson B, Ryan C, Charlotte W, Annabelle C, Ethan D, Max S, Piper D, Brianna M, Abigail S, Isabella F, Lachlan L, Taivas H, Sydney M, Jai C, Chase R, Miah C, Ashton H, Matilda F, Hiya B, Marianne D, Donald M, Jack W, Ally R, Grace O, Mark B, Luke B, Willow E, Briella M, Ava M, Douglas M, Isabelle M, Wil K, Savannah S, Liam H, Lara G, Ellena M, Austin M, Mischa L, Harrison C, Gianni W, Ella B.

We wish Mrs Andrea Harries the very best as she embarks on retirement and we are sure she will enjoy this next chapter in her life of being a grandmother! Mrs Harries has done a wonderful job both as our Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning and with the various classes that she has taught at Lakes over the years and she will be genuinely missed! We have seen our academic results improve noticeably over the past few years, much of which is attributable to Mrs Harries’ leadership and tireless work. I am incredibly thankful for Mrs Harries’ leadership, collegiality and warm Christian example. Mrs Harries has been an invaluable colleague and friend and a wonderfully respected and much loved teacher of our students. We are blessed to have had Mrs Harries with us at Lakes over the past nine years and our thoughts and prayers are with her for an enjoyable and peaceful retirement with her family and for the quality time that she will be able to spend with her grandchildren.

Speaking of farewells, our prayers are with our Year 12 students as they graduate and continue to prepare for their HSC examinations. We appreciate their contribution to Lakes Grammar over the years and wish them the very best for all that lies ahead!

Will Wallace

Head of Junior School


Spring Fair 2nd Hand Book Sale

This year the Lakes Grammar School Libraries will again be holding their 2nd hand book sale at the School’s Spring Fair. We will be selling both children’s and adult books.

We would be thankful of any good quality donations of second hand books that we could sell at our sale (or add to our Library collection). If you are cleaning out your bookshelves, please think of us! Any donations can be dropped into the Junior School Library by Thursday, 25 October. 

And as always, THANK YOU to parents who have already donated books to us throughout the year.  Our Library collection would not be as strong as it is without your ongoing support!

We hope you can drop in for a bargain at our sale on fair day. All proceeds go straight to the JS and SS Libraries.

Don’t forget to refer to our home page:

and the JS Library BLOG:

throughout the year for more information on what is happening!


Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


What’s been happening in Gifted and Talented Education?

HICES Gifted and Talented Camp

A group of eight Year 6 students attended a camp for Gifted and Talented students with 150 students from Independent Schools from across NSW. The students chose a Core subject to study for the week. Core topics included: Problem Solving, Robotics, Sport Science, Psychology, Writing, Documentary Drama and Crime Scene Investigation. They had lessons on these subjects for four hours a day and in the afternoon, were able to choose ‘Wild’ topics including: The Amazing Race, Theatre Sports, Thinking like da Vinci and Magnaformers.

Mathematics Extension Groups

Our Mathematics Extension Groups have received some positive results in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians. They have worked on developing their Problem-solving skills and how to apply their understanding of Mathematical concepts to real life situations.

This term, Year 3 to 6 competed in the Australian Mathematics Competition, and Year 5 and 6 in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition this term. We will receive these results soon.

Awards for Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians:

Proficiency: Ella Burgess, Alyce Hokin, Ella Williams (Upper Primary)

Credit: Brayden Croucher, Briella Moore, Hannah Ruzicka, Corey Englebrecht, Ganesh Seekuri (Middle Primary), Sophie Langford, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Yalkin Shevket, Alyvia Slade, Nathan Wilson, Ashley Inwood, Sage Kenny, Boyd Rumbel, Gianni Williams, Mitchell Curry, Alyssa Durham, Quinn Flower, Holly Longland, Douglas Ruzicka, Amelia Collins, Vaughn Peachey, Charlotte Toohey (upper Primary)

Distinction: Josef Aad, Cohen Baldwin, Tahlia Allen, Abigail Brown, Arini Yellamaraju (Middle Primary), Noah Simon, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Tahlia Moore, Luke Ostergaard, Rohith Srinivas, Sivani Yellamaraju, Harrison Cross, Jaydee Lourens (Upper Primary)

University of NSW ICAS Competitions 2018

The students of Lakes Grammar have had a successful year with our results in the University of NSW ICAS Competitions. We have received many Merits, Credits, Distinctions and High Distinctions.

ICAS Digital Technologies:

Merit: Lexi Mulholland (Yr 4), Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)

Credit: Abishek Babu, Marianne Dagang, Dafne Shevket (Yr 3), Makayla Beasley, Abigail Brown, Laiba Malik, Cleo McNeill, Hannah Ruzicka, Arini Yellamaraju (Yr 4), Jake Richards, Ella Williams (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Anugraha Babu, Tyson McLeod, Yalkin Shevket, Rohith Srinivas (Yr 6).

Distinction: Corey Englebrecht (Yr 3), Ella Beasley, Jerome Dagang, Douglas Ruzicka (Yr 5), Noah Simon (Yr 6).

High Distinction: Finlay Pigot-Irving (Yr 6)

ICAS Science:

Merit: Fletcher Pigot-Irving (Yr 3), Laiba Malik (Yr 4), Jerome Dagang (Yr 5), Sivani Yellamaraju, Boyd Rumbel (Yr 6)

Credit: Judy Lin, Grace McLeod, Sritha Yellamaraju (Yr 2), Zak Prica-Chamberlain, Marianne Dagang (Yr 3), Lexi Mulholland, Dexter Rodak (Yr 4), Jake Richards (Yr 5), Holly Longland, Tyson McLeod, Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)

Distinction: Benjamin Ruzicka (Yr 2), Corey Englebrecht, Kane McLeod (Yr 3), Abigail Brown (Yr 4), Mitchell Curry, Douglas Ruzicka (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Yalkin Shevket, Noah Simon (Yr 6)

High Distinction: Ethan Curry, Callum Lightfoot (Yr 2)

ICAS English:

Merit: Judy Lin, Sritha Yellamaraju (Yr 2), Grace Crumbley, Laiba Malik, Ayan Sarkar, Arini Yellamaraju (Yr 4), Holly Longland, Rohith Srinivas (Yr 6)

Credit: Taj Francke, Callum Lightfoot, Grace McLeod, April Murphy, Benjamin Ruzicka (Yr 2), Cohen Baldwin, Marianne Dagang, Brianna Roberts, Dafne Shevket (Yr 3), Josef Aad, Lexi Mulholland, Hannah Ruzicka, Giselle Simon (Yr 4), Jerome Dagang, Ashley Inwood (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Anugraha Babu, Rhiana Gosselin, Elodie Jewell, Jaydee Lourens, Tyson McLeod, Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)

Distinction: Ethan Curry (Yr 2), Corey Englebrecht, Christopher Webb, Abigail Whelan (Yr 3), Tahlia Allen, Makayla Beasley (Yr 4), Ella Beasley, Amelia Collins, Douglas Ruzicka (Yr 5), Sivan Yellamaraju, Alyssa Durham, Yalkin Shevket, Noah Simon (Yr 6)

High Distinction: Ava Dickinson (Yr 2), Abigail Brown (Yr 4)

ICAS Spelling:

Merit: Taj Francke, Amy Williamson (Yr 2), Ayan Sarkar, Abigail Brown, Grace Crumbley, Briella Moore, Hannah Ruzicka (Yr 4), Anugraha Babu (Yr 6)

Credit: Sritha Yellamaraju (Yr 2), Cohen Baldwin, Marianne Dagang, Zak Prica-Chamberlain, Dafne Shevket, Christopher Webb (Yr 3), Makayla Beasley, Mekenzie Jones, Ella Lear, Laiba Malik, Cleo McNeill, Giselle Simon (Yr 4), Mitchell Curry (Yr 5), Alyssa Durham, Tahlia Royle, Boyd Rumbel, Rohith Srinivas, Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)

Distinction: Jack Asquith, Judy Lin, April Murphy (Yr 2), Corey Englebrecht, Abigail Whelan, Isla Yager (Yr 3), Josef Aad, Lexi Mulholland, Arini Yellamaraju (Yr 4), Douglas Ruzicka, Jerome Dagang (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Finlay Pigot-Irving (Yr 6)

High Distinction: Ava Dickinson (Yr 2), Noah Simon (Yr 6)

ICAS Writing:

Merit: Kane McLeod (Yr 3), Anugraha Babu, Rohith Srinivas (Yr 6)

Credit: Cohen Baldwin, Christopher Webb (Yr 3), Tahlia Allen, Grace Crumbley, Laiba Malik, Briella Moore, Lexi Mulholland, Ayan Sarkar, Giselle Simon (Yr 4), Ravi Francke, Levi Francke (Yr 5), Sivani Yellamaraju, Rihana Gosselin, Elodie Jewell, Jaydee Lourens, Yalkin Shevket, Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)

Distinction: Emma Barrie, Marianne Dagang, Corey Englebrecht, Brianna Roberts, Abigail Whelan, Isla Yager (Yr 3), Makayla Beasley, Arini Yellamaraju (Yr 4), Ella Burgess, Amelia Collins, Jerome Dagang, Douglas Ruzicka (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Alyssa Durham, Holly Longland, Tahlia Moore, Noah Simon (Yr 6)

High Distinction: Hannah Ruzicka (Yr 4)

ICAS Mathematics: Results will arrive in Term 4

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator


It has been an exciting and successful time for students in Lakes Primary Chess Club who competed at the Interschool Chess Challenge. Following on from placing first in their qualifying round, the students were invited to compete at the Interschool Chess Semi-Final at Baulkham Hills North Public School. Our students competed brilliantly against predominantly Sydney based schools and finished in 3rd  Place. Students then competed in the Finals on Friday, 21 September in Sydney. Lakes Grammar finished in 6th place overall.

Congratulations to Diluk Adikaramudiyanselage 6OC, Noah Simon 6OC, Ayan Sarkar 4J, Corey Englebrecht 3H and Marcus Wells 1R. A special mention to Marcus Wells who finished in 5th Place at the semi-final. This was an excellent achievement in very strong competition. Thank you to all the parents who supported and encouraged the students on the day.

Louise Rush

Junior School Teacher


I have entered the 2018 MS Gong Ride and will be riding 82km to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

Why? Because 4 people are diagnosed with MS every working day, and the average age of diagnosis is just 30 years old.

MS strikes young people in the prime of their lives and there is no known cure.

So I am riding to make my personal impact and change lives. This is an extremely worthwhile cause and I would really appreciate your support.

Please make a donation and support my 82km ride to fight MS!

Click on the link below to view my fundraising page:

Your donation will be tax-deductible (for tax time), and you'll receive a tax receipt immediately.

All funds raised from the ride will be used to fund vital and immediate support services to help make the everyday possible for those living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you.

Nathan Crumbley

Junior School Teacher




I would also like to congratulate our Year 12 students for their excellent effort, achievements and contributions that they have made over the many years at our school. We continue to be very proud of our students and have appreciated their leadership, and we wish them the very best in their upcoming exams and for their futures.

The HSC exams start on the first Thursday back in Term 4 and run right through until Friday, 9 November. Please uphold our students in your prayers as they study and complete these important examinations.

Induction of Prefects
As we say goodbye to Year 12, we also welcome a new era of leadership into our school. On Tuesday, 16 October we be holding a special ceremony to present Year 11 with their Year 12 Badges and also to announce and present badges to our new Captains, Vice-captains and Prefects for 2019. 

Subject Choices – Year 11 2019

The final selection process for Year 11, 2019 subject choices have now been completed for the year. If your child wishes to make an adjustment, they should now use the formal ‘Change of Subject’ form that can be found in the office. Changes of subjects can be made in Year 11 up until the last day in February.

If your child selected a Trade Training course, they will have already been contacted by Mrs MacLarty, to fill out a separate application. These applications are due early next Term.

The first round of TVET applications have already been received for students who want entry to 2019 TAFE courses, and first round offers will come out in mid-November.

Distance Education applications have also been handed out and these applications are due early next term.

Subject Choices – Year 9 2019

Year 9 subject choices for 2019 have also been completed and class lists have been formed. If your child wishes to make a change, they should use the formal ‘Change of Subject’ form that can be found in the office. Changes of subjects can be made in Year 9 up until the last day in February, but this also depends on whether there is a place available in the class.


Yearly examinations take place in Week 3 of Term 4. Exams in Year 7 – 9 will be held from Monday, 29 October to Thursday, 1 November, while Year 10 examinations are scheduled from Friday, 2 November until Wednesday, 7 November. These are important examinations and students should try to ensure that they put in adequate study to prepare for them.


Finally, I wish all our families a restful holiday and hope that you have a refreshing break over the next few weeks.

Mr Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


There have been some interesting things happening in Wellbeing during Term 3, here is a snapshot….

Mental Health and Advocacy Program (MHAP) Team – this team has been through a bit of a renewal as we are fine-tuning some of our processes based on past successes and learning experiences. So, we said goodbye to our Senior Students who were involved, and opened nominations for a new team from Years 9 and 10. At the end of Term 4, our Year 10 students will resign and Year 8 students will nominate for positions in the 2019 team. The Year 9 students will be able to continue in the team into next year as they mentor the new students. I am pleased to announce the following students are our team for the remainder of 2018:

Year 10: Samantha Livingstone, Emily Riches, Andrew MacLarty, Justin De Graaff, Ciara White, Charlotte Knox-Martin, Aimee Butcher, Brett Gee, Jezebel Navusolo, Charlotte Akhurst, Caitlyn Park, Hannah Eadie.

Year 9: Tiah Vale, Elizabeth Thomas, Isaac Dunn, Han Green, Oscar Bendeich, Callum Davies, Sarah Zurobski, Madeline James, Shannon Liddle, Zali Phillips, Edan Shorten, Ryan Bentley, Fox Smith, Jamie Durham, Jeremy Beale.

The new team’s first project was RUOK? Day on 14 September which saw our students taking responsibility for developing awareness of the day by putting up displays around the school, learning how to use an app designed to teach people how to ask friends or family difficult questions about how they are doing. You can learn about it here:

Our very capable students ran sessions on how to use the app and then ran a lunch activity which included bubbles and chalk, see pictures below.

Following these successful activities, the MHAP Team helped to run some activities in the Junior School just last week.


Year 11 have spent this term finishing their courses and sitting exams in the past few weeks. Leadership nominations and interviews have taken place and we will recognise our new Senior School Leaders early next term. Year 11 have been busy starting their fundraising efforts early by providing child minding at the P&F Trivia Night, which was a lot of fun. They did a great job!

Year 12 have had a busy term between sitting their Trial HSC exams and finishing off their courses. A casual lunch was organised prior to their exams to get the students together and give them some messages of support. We wish all our HSC students and their families a peaceful and productive few weeks ahead of their final exams. Here are a couple of helpful articles with tips for families and students:

Don’t forget as always the following numbers if you need someone to talk with over the school holidays:

Kids Helpline:

Phone: 24/7 – 1800 55 1800

Chat Online: 8am – Midnight 7 Days -


Phone: 9am-1am 7 Days - 1800 650 890

Chat Online: 9am-1am 7 Days -

Local Headspace Lake Haven:


Phone: 24/7 – 13 11 14

Chat Online: 7pm – Midnight 7 Days -


Mrs Alison MacLarty

Senior School Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing



Last month, as final preparation for their HSC practical examination, our Year 12 Music cohort performed their full HSC program for a supportive audience of family, friends and staff.

Despite some apprehension, they rose fabulously to the occasion, accompanied by a band of professional musicians, including our own Mr Luke Gallen on Sax, one of our school grandparents Mr Larry Powers on trumpet, and Charlie Kember (of Year 8) on cello.

It was very exciting and satisfying to see months of practice and polishing come to fruition in such a great night of entertainment.

Last week, the students did the REAL THING, performing this time for the HSC examiners. While we weren’t allowed inside the room, we were able to hear, and can report that all went according to plan and there is much relief that it’s all over! Those attending the Year 12 Graduation will get a little snapshot of the quality of the performances that were presented.

While there is still a written exam to go, the scary part is done! Well done Year 12 Music !


Mrs Lisa Whitwell

Senior School Music Teacher


Term 3 has been a very busy time for staff and students in History. Students worked independently throughout the term to produce their artefacts for our annual Night at the Museum.

Once again this event was a huge success with approximately 300 parents and students attending the evening.

The quality and variety of works on display this year was simply incredible and all students are to be congratulated on their fine effort.

This year we introduced the ‘Artefact Award’ for Year 7, 8 and 9 to recognise some of the outstanding artefact projects. Mr Hannah was our judge on the evening and he was tasked with the very difficult job of selecting his favourite artefact from all of the wonderful displays in Years 7-9. We congratulate the following students for being selected for the Artefact Award:

Year 7 – Tayla Sewell

Year 8 – Benjamin McKay

Year 9 – Fox Smith

These students were presented with a certificate and canteen gift voucher in recognition of their achievement at the Term 3 Awards Assembly on Thursday.

Congratulations also goes to Aditya Sarkar of Year 10 for submitting an entry in the National History Challenge 2018. He has been awarded the level of Young Historian Green and we wish Aditya all the best for his entry as we await the final results of the competition.

Finally, we wish all of our senior History students the very best as they prepare for their upcoming HSC examinations. We have seen some outstanding assessment marks from our students in Modern, Ancient and History Extension courses this year and we hope they achieve their desired results in the HSC. Thank you to the staff for all of their time and effort in helping to support our senior History students to achieve success in their respective courses.

Fiona Crawford

History Co-ordinator



Chaplain’s Chat

Term 3 in the Senior School has been very much focused on equipping our Year 12’s for Graduation and the HSC.  Each morning at staff devotions we have been praying, especially for our Year 12 cohort, and for peace as they sat their trial HSC and now as they graduate.  We launched Graduation week with a service at Lakes Anglican with a special invitation to our Year 11 and 12 students. 

Our Cru groups continue to operate during lunch times at both ends of the school.  In the Senior School, our Year 9 leaders work with our Year 7’s to provide a safe environment to explore faith issues and offer genuine servant leadership. In Junior School, it is with sadness that we farewell our Girl’s Cru leader Alex who has faithfully come into the school to help lead the Years 5 and 6 girls every week but who is now moving on. Thank you Alex and thank you too for all the other wonderful leaders involved.

This term we had not only the Year 11-12 service at Lakes Anglican but also the Years 1-2 cohort.  There was a good crowd there and the Kidzone (Sunday School) was a buzz. Fortunately there were plenty of teen leaders to assist, many of whom are students from our school. The Year 1-2 choir sang beautifully and we were graced with the presence of a very cute fluffy friend of Pete’s.

Pete also had the joy of attending the Year 5 camp to Bathurst where they didn’t freeze but did a lot of exploring together in the hope of finding gold.  Pete may even have been seen line dancing!  For me, this term I have had the privilege of mentoring one of our Year 11’s each week as she prepares to become a HSC student.  It is an absolute joy to be a sounding board and hopefully offer some sage advice to help her along. 

In Week 4 of the term, Mr Hannah, Pete and I also attended the Anglican Schools Australia conference held at Darling Harbour. It was a fantastic time of networking with other Chaplains, Principals and others engaged in Anglican education. The calibre of specialist presenters was exemplary. For Pete and I this conference helps us see beyond our own situation and grow from learning from the experiences of others.

Chapels this term have been a lively affair across the board.  In the Junior School they have been looking at some of Jesus’ wisdom from the Sermon on the Mount and in Senior School we have been working through some of the chapters of Tom French’s new book, “Weird, crude, funny and nude” which explores some of the more obscure passages in the Bible.  We have had everything from marauding WWF bears to cooking with poo.  Our final Chapel for term is of course Graduation where we will be blessed to have Bishop Sonia with us.

Something to look forward to in Term 4 is A Curry With A Twist.  On Friday, 19 October between 6.00pm-8.00pm Lakes Anglican will be hosting Jané from Compassion UK who will be teaching people how to make an authentic curry from India. Jané grew up in Calcutta where he was a sponsored child through Compassion and he shares how that changed his life whilst also teaching people how to make his mum’s curry. It is only $5 and curries are on offer for dinner. Please RSVP to me through school reception if you would like to attend. It is hoped that our school community may join in what will be a fantastic night.  Hopefully I will see you there. 

Have a safe holiday break and I’ll catch you in Term 4.


Bless ya,





School Holidays Admin Office Hours:

School closed first week of the holidays - Tuesday, 2 October to Friday, 5 October.

School office at the Junior School will be open from 9.00am to 12.00pm second week Monday, 8 October to Friday, 12 October.



Spring Fair is fast approaching and preparations are in full swing. Make sure you have Saturday, 27 October marked in the diary for the biggest day on the school calendar.

We wish to thank and acknowledge the wonderful support of our Platinum, Event and Monster Cash Raffle sponsors that have so generously contributed. This support is valued enormously.


Monster Cash Raffle tickets have been senty home with each child. Tickets are $2 each with a cash prize pool consisting of First prize: $1,000, Second prize $500 and Third prize $250. Please support our fundraising efforts and return your sold tickets and money to the office in the first week of next term.

We will also kick off next term with lots of Spring Fair activities including a Mufti Day and donation items requests. More information to follow soon but in the meantime thank you for your support of this major school event and we look forward to hosting a great day.


It has been another busy term for Lakes Grammar P&F. I would like to thank all our members who give up a great deal of their family time to benefit the whole community of Lakes Grammar. Many an hour is spent organising and executing the various events that take place within our school each year.

We appreciate the organisation that Di and Leigh-An put into our events ensuring we are well catered for on the food front. Our Canteens raise a lot of revenue for our school and are extremely well run. This term money has been spent to replace the flooring and upgrade equipment such as the hot chocolate machines that have worn out due to continual demand. 

Adele Flower once again coordinated the very successful Father’s Day stall and Raffle, purchasing gifts a few months in advance and organising a team of volunteers to help set up and prepare for each class in the junior school to visit and buy Father’s Day gifts. Many students left with a smile on their face and a present in hand for Dads and Grandads! Add photo

Thank you to Adele and Troy Flower from Pipe Lining & Coating for sponsoring this year’s Trivia Night, organised by Jodie Chapman and Adele Flower. It was once again a great success, raising $2229.11, with a lot of friendly competition & misdirection, good conversations and many laughs. 

Through the P&F events held this term, we have raised $3492.09 with the support of our school families, and have donated $750 to the Year 6 & Year 12 end of year celebrations, $350 to various children for elite level sporting commitments and matched the $3474.85 raised on our Five For Farmers fundraising day dollar for dollar.  

We look forward to a busy term 4 and your participation and help in our upcoming Spring Fair on 27 October. Put the date in your calendar!

Tracy Stevens

Lakes Grammar P&F President




CIS Athletics

The 2018 NSW CIS Athletics Championships was held on Thursday, 13 September at The Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre.

Lakes Grammar sent Josef Aad, Amy Williamson, Ava Burgess, Zac Barton, Hannah Ruzicka, and Brendan Couzens to compete in various track and field events. All students represented Lakes Grammar and HRIS in an outstanding manner, by not only displaying their skills and talents, but also, the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for their fellow competitors. Congratulations to all students for their outstanding achievements in reaching CIS.



Term 4 Sport – Swimming Program

As per the letter sent out recently, our Term 4 Swimming program will soon commence for Years 36 (K-2 will take place later in the term). Please ensure your note with all swimming information is correctly filled in.

A Surf Education Talk for Year 5 students has been arranged at school on Wednesday, 17 October to encourage and inform them in taking care at the beach. Year 6 students will have a Surf Fun Day on Friday, 16 November at Toowoon Bay to participate in Beach Safety skills and activities – more information will be sent out shortly.  

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, lace-up joggers (that support the ankles). Joggers of a solid colour other than white, canvas shoes, skate shoes and bright fluoro (other than a small amount of striping) are not permitted. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well. 

HRIS / CIS Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS over the year. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the JS Sports noticeboard with upcoming events and mentioned at Monday morning assemblies. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as X Country, swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a polo HRIS shirt from the school. They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details.

Coming Up in Term 4 2018:

  • HRIS Primary Tennis – Friday, 19 October
  • 3 / 4 HRIS Basketball Gala Day – Thursday, 15 October
  • HRIS Primary Chess – Friday, 26 October


Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator