Week 4, Term 2 2016



This is the first newsletter in our new online format. I hope you will find it more useful for knowing important, current information about events at school. Later this term we will publish a longer document with some reflections on the term’s activities.

Mothers' Day celebrations

What a wonderful turn out there was for our Mothers’ Day breakfast. It was great to see so many mums sitting down enjoying breakfast with their children. Our mums loved receiving a flower which we think is well-deserved.

A big thank you to Dave and Linda from Not Just Cakes at Kanwal for the creation of such delicious pastries. 

Events like these aren’t possible without the help of wonderful volunteers, so a big thank you to everyone who helped on the day. We wish also to acknowledge the wonderful work of Adele Flower who again ran our very popular Mothers’ Day stall. Thank you to all the volunteers who came in to ensure the stall ran very smoothly and it was a huge hit with our students who enjoyed the prospect of spoiling mum with their hand selected gift.

Year 1 and 2 family service at Lakes Anglican Church

I hope to see many children and their parents at the service on Sunday at 9.30am. It is always a very uplifting time sharing with the Lakes congregation and seeing our students singing for us all. The photo shows the choir at last years’ service.


NAPLAN testing happened last week and all went as planned. Next year ACARA plans to have the testing done online. It will be interesting to see how this works out and whether it has an impact on student results. Many students cannot type as fast as they write so online testing may have an effect on results. This year’s results should be available towards the end of August. One of the reasons for moving to online testing is to speed up the marking and provision of results so that schools can analyse them and act as necessary earlier.

Congratulations and best wishes to…

Grant Robertson of Year 12, who will play in the Australian Indoor Cricket Championships on 4 June.

Edan Shorten of Year 7, who will compete in the National Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne next week. Edan will compete in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics events next Monday and Tuesday.



Years 1 and 2 Family Service
Sunday, 22 May, 9:30am – Lakes Anglican Church.

Some of our children will be involved in the service so please return the acknowledgement slip if your child is able to attend. A morning tea will also be held and it would be appreciated if you could bring a plate of food to share.

Athletics Carnival

Junior School: Tuesday, 24 May – Warnervale Oval. A lunch menu (pizza and noddles) is available for pre-ordering through the school canteen directly by 3pm on Monday 23 May or on the day at the oval canteen by 9:15am. Snacks and drinks will also be available over the counter on the day.

Senior School – Wednesday, 25 May – Warnervale Oval. A BBQ will be run on the day by Year 12 as a fundraiser for their Formal. No pre-ordering is available. 

Year 10 Careers Day

Tuesday, 24 May, 11:00 – 12:30pm – School Hall

Expo features 19 external exhibitors including: University of Newcastle, National Art School, Police Force, Macleay College, CCUSA, TAFE/TVET and Le Cordon Bleu just to name a few. The expo will then be followed by a presentation from Ex-Socceroo Paul Wade on employability skills.



Matt’s Mutterings
This term in our Senior School our chapels are loosely following material found in the second highest selling non-fiction book of all time. The number 1 book is The Bible, but the number 2 book that has sold more than 32 million copies in more than 50 languages is called The Purpose Driven Life: what on earth am I here for?  It is by an American Pastor, Rick Warren, who sets out the book across 40 days reflecting on why we exist as humans and how God has a purpose for our lives. We are thinking about some pretty big questions as the weeks unfold.

Do I believe that I am born on purpose and for a purpose?  Do I have a worldview that allows me to think eternally?  Does my framework of understanding who we are as humans permit me to discern whether a relationship with God is a possibility?  We are working hard in our chapels to expand our thinking from the finite to the infinite and bring a real opportunity for some serious self-reflection.  I highly recommend you grab hold of a copy of Rick Warren’s book and take up his 40-day challenge.

On a personal note, this last week (May 15-21) has been National Food Allergy Awareness Week.  This week I painted one of my fingernails to let others know that 1 in 10 Australians will develop a food allergy in their lifetime.  Thanks to the staff here who joined me in this education campaign.  Food allergies are something we live with in our house and I am aware of many of you who are affected by food allergies too.  My girls made a Youtube movie about how it affects them and I invite you to check it out.

Bless ya

Rev’d Matt Shorten - Chaplain



We will be hosting a group of 25 Korean students from 28 August to 10 September (2 school weeks). The students range from Year 5 to Year 8 in age. The local government in the area of South Korea from which these students come sponsors the visit. That government requires that each host family takes TWO students. Hosts receive $200 per student per week. If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact David Joo on 0406 870 353 or email David at This is an excellent opportunity to broaden our understanding of people from a very different culture and for them to improve their English and learn about Australia. I hope that a number of our families will be able to host these young people.


Our P&F Committee is again running the Entertainment Book as a school fundraiser. Books will be sent home on Thursday, 26 May to Junior School students only. Distribution will be one copy per family to the eldest sibling in the Junior School. We had great difficulty with the distribution via Senior School last year so we have chosen not to distribute books this year to senior students but families in the Senior School are still welcome to purchase a book.

You can either purchase a digital version by clicking here or by emailing if you would like to order a hard copy.

If you receive a book home and do not wish to purchase, please simply return the book to the school immediately with your child.


School photographs are scheduled to be taken by Advancedlife Photography on Friday, 3 June 2016 and a make-up photo day will be held on Friday, 17 June 2016. Our preference is for online ordering as this streamlines the whole process on the day. Sibling photos can be ordered online but they must be placed no later than Thursday, 2 June. Sibling photos will only be organised if an order has been received. To order online simply visit and enter our school code B1C XF6 VN6.



Well done to the boys and girls for embracing our Lakes Grammar Habits of the Week. Coming up we are looking at 'Planning for my learning and improvement' in Week 5 and 'How to say sorry, thank you and to ask for help' in Week 6.

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated:

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Thinking About My Learning (Meta-learning) in Week 3

  • Lexi Russell
  • Callum Lightfoot
  • Gemma Rooke
  • Max Adams
  • Jack Heinzel
  • Evie Challinor-Renfrey
  • Isabelle McClelland
  • Tahlia Royle
  • Charlotte Toohey
  • Holly Longland
  • Abbi Davies
  • Keeley Walker-Johnson
  • Jayden Galea
  • Isaac Robinson
  • Zoe Sawers

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Patience in Week 4

  • Lauren Peachey
  • Benjamin Ruzicka
  • Thomas Pearson
  • Casper Huisken
  • Charlotte Fisher
  • Alyse Quealey
  • Ella Williams
  • Aaron Schulz
  • Harrison Craig
  • Boyd Rumbel
  • Oliver Sleeman
  • William Burton
  • Lisa Gauslaa
  • Halle Davis
  • Blair Evans

    Mr William Wallace


Jackson Blackshaw, Blair Evans, Sebastian Araneta and Alexander Voigt of Year 6 recently attended a Mathematics Challenge Camp hosted by Roseville College at Elanora Conference Centre. The camp proved to be a wonderful opportunity and enabled some of our gifted Mathematicians the opportunity to work together to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in this area. The boys reflected on the highlights of their camp experience: 

Jack: “The most enjoyable activity was the Pascal triangle. We learnt about how Pascal designed the triangle and all the patterns in the triangle”.

Blair: “I really liked completing the dome activity. We constructed a dome out of different coloured sticks which were different lengths. We needed to match all of the lengths correctly to construct the dome accurately”.

Alex: “It was a really good camp. My favourite part was working on the Adele Fly. The male fly only has a female parent and the female fly has to have a female and a male parent. We then had to make a family tree to find out how many flies there were in the tenth generation. We put all of our data into a table and then needed to find the Fibonnaci sequence in the pattern to discover more about the tenth generation”.

Sebastian: “The trivia night on the first night was a lot of fun. There were four different groups – Pascal, Fibonacci, Plato and Escher and in each group there were four smaller groups. We had to do a lot of problem solving in groups of 3 – 5. We were given a number of problems to solve and the teachers checked if we were right or wrong. We had five tasks to do in all. Pascal won – I was in Plato group though”.


It has been great to see our Junior School Coding Club up and running this term with Mrs Jobe-Parker, Miss Lutze and Mr Lawson working together to offer this experience to students. This is a rapidly evolving area within the Junior School curriculum as coding and algorithmic and computational thinking can be a part of a range of learning areas.

The study of digital technologies in its many forms is an essential part of learning and a benefit for all students. ‘Coding’ is a term which relates to computer programming, where a ‘high level’ programming language is used to instruct a computer device to perform certain functions. High level languages are similar to spoken languages but have special commands that are understood by an interpreter (coder) to enable a computer’s central processor to understand them.

The Centre for Computational Thinking at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in the United States describes the kinds of computational thinking in which our students engage during coding club:

  • a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science …
  • creating and making use of different levels of abstraction, to understand and solve problems more effectively.
  • thinking algorithmically and with the capacity to apply mathematical concepts such as induction to develop more efficient, fair, and secure solutions. 

Students have enjoyed the processes of experimenting with robotics and coding on our MacBook computers and other devices and are preparing to participate in some RoboCup competitions and gala days shortly.


National Simultaneous Storytime will be happening again next Wednesday in the Junior School Library at 11:00am. K-4 teachers will be handing out 3 x VIP passes to the lucky students from each class that will get to participate this year. There will be lots of fun and activities. Photos and more information about the event will be in the end of month newsletter.


Notes have gone home for our Junior School Athletics Carnival next Tuesday, 24 May. Please ensure you have returned this note as they are now due back. We look forward to a great day, especially with K-1 joining us again at Warnervale Athletics Field. High Jump, Long Jump and Turbo-Jav have now been completed at school prior to the event for Years 2-6.

Note: Long Jump finals will be held on the day of the carnival.


Lakes Grammar Chess Club is continuing to grow from strength to strength under our new coach Andrew Giblin. It’s not too late to join the Chess Club for Term 2, which runs before school every Tuesday from 8:00 – 8:40am in 6L. The price for students joining mid-term is $8.50 per lesson, so if your child starts now you will just pay $51 for the remaining 6 weeks. If your child is interested in joining, please collect a form from Junior School reception or have your child see Mr Crumbley.


We are excited to announce a new program launching in our Junior School providing students with an opportunity to participate more broadly in drama and performing arts activities. The program ‘Trinity Speech and Drama’ will be run by Liberty Arts Theatre Academy and we are the first school on the Central Coast to offer this opportunity alongside leading Sydney schools such as Abbotsleigh, Ravenswood and MLC. The drama club will run for an hour after school each week. A letter will be coming home shortly with an Expression of Interest form for parents to complete.



Year 11 subject choices night for 2017
An Information Night for Year 10 going into Year 11 will be held on Tuesday, 7 June at 7pm.  This is an important evening and will provide information about the HSC and subject selection including subject options that can be studied through TAFE and other centres while students are still at school. Our school offers a wide range of subjects, across all the curriculum areas at a variety of levels. In particular, we run each of the main courses in English and Mathematics right up to the highest level of Extension 2. We also run all the major sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Senior Science; and have a wide selection of courses in the humanity and technological areas.

da Vinci

Next week, on Tuesday and Thursday a group of students from both our Senior and Junior schools will be attending the da Vinci Decathlon. This is a challenging academic competition designed to stimulate the mind. Students will complete across 10 disciplines in engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, philosophy, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge.

Study Skills

On Tuesday, 14 June, we have arranged another study skills day for students in Years 11 and 12 with Elevate Education. The day was well received by students last year and we will be looking at a number of different topics in the upcoming sessions including memory techniques, note taking and organisation of their school work.

Staff Learning

This term staff are continuing to focus on getting students to think creatively, critically and how to problem-solve. Across the curriculum staff are introducing Visible Thinking Routines which encourage students to think about their learning. Often the routines will ask students to think about what they already know about the topic, what they want to know before they engage in a task and then at the end getting the students to reflect on what they have learned. As a staff we are also encouraging students to focus on the learning intention for chosen activities. Asking students to not only think about what they are doing but what they are trying to learn from the activity they are engaged in! One way parents can help with this is if your child is finding a homework tasks or assessment tasks challenging at school, encourage them to stop and think about what they are trying to learn, and what about this learning they are trying to demonstrate through the task at hand.

Mr Ian Samways


To celebrate students’ ongoing involvement in the Cognito program the students were given a morning tea in the library this week to congratulate them on their involvement. It was so lovely to see so many students turning up throughout the break to ‘grab a cake’ and talk about all the great things they are getting involved in. Please continue to encourage your children to get involved in all the great activities on offer.



Catch up meetings with year 12

Mr Samways and I have been meeting with Year 12 students over the past few weeks to discuss the path they would like to follow after school. Our aim in these quick meetings is to discuss how they are going with their academic studies, consider ATARs that may be achieved based on their results and to provide them with information about Universities and courses they may be interested in. The feedback so far from the students has been that they have found the process very helpful. Over the coming weeks we will continue to meet with the students. If your child, or you have any questions about courses, please feel free to contact Mr Samways, our Career Adviser, Mrs James or me. I have also emailed parents last week about regional and academic Bonus Points that are available to students at Newcastle and Macquarie University. It has been lovely to hear from the students what their future career aspirations are.

Student Learning Goals

Year 12

“To be more organised”
– Sarah O’Brian

“Show improvements from the Half Yearly to the Trials” – Madeline McPhan

To get a result in the HSC I am happy with. “ – Abbie Moriarty

To define my career direction.” - Peggie Pantsos

“To continue to improve towards the trials.” – Elyse Marshall

Year 11

Learn how to manage distractions” – Fletcher Murray

Get better results in Biology” – Jessica Bacon

Mrs Michelle Smith


On Wednesday Yrs 9-12 students were involved in talks from the Batyr organisation. The batyr@school program hopes to see a happier, healthier generation of young people by removing the stigma around mental health and engaging, educating and empowering young people to get help. Batyr's carefully researched and designed programs are unique in that we take trained young speakers out to schools to share their lived experiences with mental ill health, along with trained facilitators who deliver vital educational information in a fun, safe and engaging way. Research shows that the best approach to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is through direct contact with peers who have experienced similar struggles.

If you would more information this can be found by going to


Our Year 10 Careers Day will be held next Tuesday, 24 May. An expo will be held in the hall from 11:00am – 12:30pm with a large number of education providers exhibiting. Year 11 and 12 students will also have an opportunity to visit the expo and listen to some of the presentations being made by exhibitors. Our students are very lucky to have these organisations coming directly to visit our school and we hope they take the opportunity to find out as much as they can to help them make some important decisions as they move through their senior schooling years.

Over the course of the day, Year 10 students will also have a one-on-one mock job interview from which they will receive some feedback which will be beneficial for them when going to their next real interview. They will also participate in some group interviews and have a session dedicated to resume writing. Year 10 students can either wear smart business attire or full school uniform.


Construction of our new classrooms is progressing well and they will be ready for use at the beginning of Term 3. The new buildings include a Science Lab, a Textiles Lab and a Science room, along with 2 office spaces. A new overflow carpark will also be opened at the same time. These new buildings are very much needed and we thank our teachers and students for their patience during this construction phase and we look forward to you having the opportunity to enjoy these new spaces very soon.



HRIS Cross-Country
Our School Cross-Country team went to compete in the HRIS Cross-Country carnival at Avondale College last week. All students ran well on the day and represented the school with pride. The following students have been selected to represent HRIS at the AICES carnival:

  • Akhurst, Charlotte
  • Barnes, Jackson
  • Bendeich, Oscar
  • Carruthers, Eliza
  • Duncan, Liam
  • Glanville, Olivia
  • Schultz, Portia
  • Small, Nyah

Congratulations to these students who will compete on Thursday, 2 June in the AICES Championships. 

Our Best Wishes
  • Good luck to the following students:
  • Edan Shorten who will be competing at the Australian Gymnastics Championships for NSW Level 8 NDP WAG team.  This is her third year of representing NSW. 
  • Oliva Glanville who will be playing in the AICES Netball team and trialling for the NSW CIS Netball team.
  • Jezebel Navusolo, Jack Riches, Sam Kentwell, Oliver Dark and Olivia Glanville who will be playing in the HRIS Touch Football team and Trialling for the AICES Touch football team.

School basketball trials for all age groups are on every Wednesday at lunchtime in the hall. Any interested students should turn up to trial and play.


Students who have been selected in the 15’s girls and boys football teams (soccer) will be training on Wednesday lunch times. Please make sure that you are attending training sessions.

School Netball trials will be held on Friday,20 May from 3:30pm – 5:00pm in the school hall. All students interested in trialling for these teams are encouraged to trial and register their names on the sports notice board. 

  • Year 7 girls
  • 15s girls
  • Open Girls

Sport Uniform

Please ensure that you are wearing the correct sports clothing on Wednesdays and when representing the school. Non school uniform items are NOT to be worn.


Upcoming Events

Friday, 10 June; Cessnock Horse Sports; please have completed entries to Junior School office by 23 May. 

Friday, 19 August; Maitland Horse Sports

Saturday, 20 August; Arndell Equestrian Carnival K-12

Saturday, 10 September; Camden High Equestrian Carnival K-12

October, 14-18; Tamworth Interschools Horse extravaganza



Order and pay for a wide range of school activities from home or on your mobile. Online ordering is a convenient way to place orders, providing a 24/7 payment and ordering system that can be accessed from home, work or a mobile device. 

Online ordering is available for a wide range of school activities including canteen, events, fundraisers and more. To register or login to Flexischools visit


Alinta Apparel is the supplier of our school uniform shop. Alinta operates directly from our school four days per week. For full details on opening times and prices visit


Our P&F Committee operates a second hand uniform shop each fortnight from the Junior School. For dates please visit