Week 4, Term 3 2016



I returned to school on Monday refreshed after some study leave and long service leave. My study leave took place at Harvard University where I attended the “Leadership: an Evolving Vision” summer school at the Graduate School of Education. 170 school leaders from around the world took part in this course, including about 30 from Australia. One of the most valuable parts of the course was the discussion group that met each day. It was encouraging to hear from principals of quite different schools in the US and Australia and realise that as school leaders we have so many similar issues to deal with. I spoke to our K-2 assembly on Monday about the importance of learning with and from others, which is one of our Building Learning Power capacities. Listening to and discussing ideas with others sharpens your thinking, invites you to consider other perspectives and helps you to improve your ideas. For their future careers our young people will need to be creative, critical and collaborative thinkers and learners so it is important that we help our students develop those capacities while at school. That’s why we have Building Learning Power and in the Senior School we are also focusing on developing higher-order thinking.


I’m excited every year when our Art Exhibition comes around. I love seeing the creative work our visual arts students are doing. I hope many of you, especially students whose work will be exhibited, will be able to attend the official opening on Friday, 19 August at 6.30pm at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery and Arts Centre.


These exams have begun this week. The Trials are important “practice” for the HSC exams in October. The Trials contribute to the final HSC assessment and therefore to the ATAR so they are important. We pray that our students will approach their exams in such a way that they will bring out their best.


Ellie Rudder of Year 6, who has been selected as part of the NSW Eventing Team to compete at the Australian Interschool Championships. Ellie will represent both NSW and Lakes Grammar as she will wear school uniform for some events.

Nicholas Bignall for his achievements at a recent meet in Canada - winning three medals … congratulations Nicholas. More details about his success can be found in the Senior Sports News section.

Mr Michael Hannah





Exhibition Official Opening Friday, 19 August 2016, 6:30pm

Exhibition Dates Saturday, 20 August to Tuesday, 23 August, 10:00am - 4:00pm




Tuesday, 30 August, 6:00 – 7:30pm


COST:  Pizza, drink and dance party entry $10

Dance party only $5

BOOK: Online at by 26 August



Tuesday, 6 September

Years K - 2: 5:00 – 5:45pm

Years 3 -  6: 6:00 – 7:00pm


COST:  Pizza, drink and disco party entry $10

Disco entry only $5

BOOK: Online at by 2 September


Thursday, 1 September


Gifts $5.00 each and can be ordered online via or cash on the day.


Friday, 2 September from 7:30am


Bring Dad along for a yummy breakfast. Order online via


Thursday, 8 September 2016, 6.00-7.30pm


A presentation of Years 7 to 10 History projects. This is a fun and engaging night and all families are welcome.



As I type these words I am preparing to head to Adelaide for the Anglican Schools Australia (ASA) Conference.  It is a conference where I can network with other chaplains from across Australia as well as learn from expert presenters on a wide range of subjects. Our theme this year is “Rivers in the Desert” and captures our Australian identity and imagination as well as some Biblical principles about how God acts. Our presenters include academics in education, theology and philosophy as well as “Australian of the Year.”  My hope is to be able to bring back to our school community some useful learning that will provide an even better education and care for our children.

It is funny though that despite the calibre of presenters over the years it is not always their talks that stick in my memory. It tends to be the conversations I have had with others who also work in schools.  It is the friendships that are forged through common ground and talking out differences. It is in the swapping of stories about principals, staff and students and in laughing together over funny things that have happened.  I have learnt so much over the years simply by being in relationship with truly remarkable people.

My prayer for us as a school community is that we will always be people focused first and program focused second.  Our school centres itself around God and the relationships we have with him and each other.  When we become program-centred we tend to have a hard edge that sees us more absorbed with the task than the people we serve.  As a real time example, our Year 12 students are sitting their trials and I am so impressed at how they are trying to support one another in relationships whilst attending to this massive task. They are a wonderful role model to our younger students of how to relate well whilst under pressure.  I pray that you, too, will see rich rewards through your relationships and in particular that we might attend to our relationship with God and not see that as just another task we have to do.  Our God can revive any desert relationship with his life giving water…let it flow!

Bless ya





We are currently seeking support from small businesses within our school community to support the sponsorship of our Monster Cash Raffle Prize. Last year for the first time we ran the Spring Fair Monster Cash Raffle which was a huge success. This time around we are making it bigger and better, with a larger cash prize on offer. We are calling on families within our community who run a small business to take on a small sponsorship for this prize. Sponsorship are $150 and your business will be acknowledged on all communications promoting the raffle and printed on the raffle ticket books that will be sent home with students later this term.

We wish to thank the businesses that have already generously shown their support - ANZ Mobile Lending Wyong, Canton Beach Paddle Shack, Shawn O'Brien Auto Electrical, Warnies Cafe, Budding Scientist, Wiseberry Real Estate, Picasso Media, Body Care Massage Therapy, SS Conveyancing and Home Specialist Property Management.

If you would like to be involved as a sponsor CLICK HERE to download the registration form. Spring Fair year will be held this year on Saturday, 29 October 2016 from 10:00 - 2:00pm. If you have any other questions please email



It is pleasing to report that I received the official results for the 2016 ICAS Science, Spelling and Writing Competitions which were sat during in Term 2. Whilst the ICAS Competitions created by the University of NSW are not compulsory forms of external assessment, external testing of this nature sits comfortably alongside the NAPLAN examinations that Year 3 and 5 students participate in each May. Our students received particularly pleasing results again this year in these competitions with a number of students receiving High Distinctions, Distinctions, Credits and Merit awards.

These outstanding results are even more impressive when taken in the context that an ever-increasing number of schools across Australia are using ICAS as an activity for selected students only, most likely those involved in Gifted and Talented Programs.

ICAS Science Competition

High Distinction (top 1% of students) – Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage

Distinction (next 10% of students) – Hamilton Dobson, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Noah Simon, Raphael Dunn, Noah Flower, Kani Lukuta, Dylan Inwood.

Credit (next 25% of students) – Max Adams, Arini Yellamaraju, Douglas Ruzicka, Mitchell Curry, Ashley Inwood, Alyssa Durham, Tahlia Moore, Macy Willis, Chloe Collins, Charlotte Dobson, Liam Lightfoot, Zoila Owais, Kiarna Elliott, Jessica Gardiner.

Merit (next 10% of students) – Amelia Collins, Boyd Rumbel, Alyvia Slade, Tia Palu, Zoe Sawers, Jackson Blackshaw, Alexander Voigt.

ICAS Spelling Competition

High Distinction (top 1% of students) – Arini Yellamaraju

Distinction (next 10% of students) – Hamilton Dobson, Harsameep Kaur, Quinn Flower, Phoebe Talbut, Tahlia Moore, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Noah Simon, Charlotte Toohey, Liam Lightfoot, Kani Lukuta, Wyatt Williams, Kasey Young.

Credit (next 25% of students) – Max Adams, Briella Moore, Lexi Mulholland, Douglas Ruzicka, Amelia Collins, Mitchell Curry, Alyce Hokin, Ashley Inwood, Zaina Wadud, Sivani Yellamaraju, Holly Longland, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Macy Willis, Nathan Wilson, Dylan Coyte, Raphael Dunn, Zoila Owais, Brooke Shorten, Dylan Inwood.

Merit (next 10% of students) – Jake Richards, Ailey van Meeteren, Tia Palu, Zoe Sawers, Emma Florimo.

 ICAS Writing Competition

High Distinction (top 1% of students) – Tahlia Moore, Brooke Shorten.

Distinction (next 10% of students) – Douglas Ruzicka, Amelia Collins, Phoebe Talbut, Zaina Wadud, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Macy Willis, Liam Lightfoot, Kasey Young, Kiarna Elliott.

Credit (next 25% of students) – Ella Williams, Alyce Hokin, Ashley Inwood, Sivani Yellamaraju, Holly Longland, Noah Simon, Charlotte Toohey, Nathan Wilson, Chloe Collins, Charlotte Dobson, Kani Lukuta, Zoila Owais, Tia Palu, Jessica Gardiner .

Merit (next 10% of students) – Mitchell Curry, Alexander Voigt.


Thank you to all the parents who took the time to meet with teachers to discuss your child’s progress.  Although we set aside time for these formal meetings please feel free to meet with staff or myself at any time to discuss your child’s progress.

Interviews for KD and 4S will be held on Wednesday, 24 August and Tuesday, 30 August. 1C interviews have also been rescheduled from Monday, 8 August to Wednesday, 24 August.

Please ensure that you have booked appointment times to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher through Parent Lounge which will be available from Monday. 


My congratulations to Ellie Rudder of Year 6 on her selection in the Australian Equestrian Interschools Championships. The event will be held at the International Equestrian Centre with the Opening Ceremony by the Prime Minister taking place on Sunday, 25 September with Ellie's competition being held on Monday, 26 September.

We are really proud of the conscientious way that Ellie has applied herself to her training and to achieving her goals. We are extremely proud to have her representing Lakes Grammar at this level.


We commenced our Peer Support program last week, with the whole of the Junior School participating in Peer Support for 30 minutes each week this term. Two Peer Leaders from Year 6 facilitate a group of about 10 younger students from across Kindergarten to Year 5, who work together through a number of structured activities. Each teacher will supervise two groups in their classroom. The program is helpful in developing friendship skills, building peer relationships, and developing skills in empathy and critical thinking. Our thanks go to Ms LeRay for all of her hard work in organising both the training for our Year 6 students to act as Peer Support Leaders and for her organisation of the program across the school.


Well done to the boys and girls for embracing our Lakes Grammar Habits of the Week.

Congratulations to the following students who have demonstrated the Lakes Grammar Habit of Imagine and explore possibilities in Week 3:

Maxwell Gibson, Angelina Amorin, Emma Blackshaw, Gibson Bayliss, Arowyn Sauzier, Donald May, Makayla Beasley, Laiba Malik, Mitchell Pernecker, Jake Richards, Cooper Fugle, Kathryn Cook, Imogen Grenfell, Travis Boden, Oliver Fallon, Will Anderson, Ellie Rudder. 

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Gentleness in Week 4:

Ellen Richards, Willow Stuart, Josie White, Ally Richardson, Milla Harding, Claire Hennessy, Giselle Simon, Charlotte Fisher, Morgan Jones, Chante Strawbridge, Alice Hokin, Alyvia Slade, Zoe Cranston, Baden Walmsley, Abbie Young, Blake Waldon, Zoe Sawers. 

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


This term all classes in K – 6 are studying a variety of aspects of Safe Living. Last week all of the classes had a focus and revision on Safe Habits with coming to school and returning home each afternoon. It should be noted that there have been some new markings and signage in the main Junior School carpark during the holidays. There is also angled parking, rear to the kerb in the eastern section of the car park to assist traffic flows particularly during afternoon pickups. We should acknowledge that there are a great number of traffic movements particularly between 3:00 and 3:30 each school day. The safety of our students is paramount and we request that parents and caregivers co-operate and respect the necessary codes of behaviour to protect all people moving in this area during this time of day.

Following is a summary for each of the methods of coming and going home from school:

  • On arrival at school all students move swiftly to the main courtyard area.
  • In the afternoon all students move swiftly to the designated areas for their supervised school dismissal.

Parent Park

  • Students leave this area by the steps closest to the Administration area and use the pedestrian Crossing straight ahead to access car parking spaces in the main carpark or turn left at the bottom of the stairs and use the newest pedestrian crossing to reach cars parked along the eastern kerb or parked outside the school grounds.
  • Students need to remain seated in the Parent Park Area until parents arrive.
  • Parents are asked to move away from this area as quickly as possible and in doing so, free up car spaces which are in high demand at this time of the day.

Kiss and Go

  • Children using Kiss and Go MUST be able to open the rear car door, place their school bag inside the car, independently connect their seat belt with students under 7 being transported in an approved booster car seat.
  • All primary aged students must occupy a rear seat when available, before using a seat in the front of the car.


  • Students after having their name marked off the bus list must wait for the bus to completely stop before boarding the bus.
  • Students should be seated and not move about the bus while in motion.
  • When alighting the bus students are reminded of the safety slogan WWW – Wait-Watch-Walk.


  • Students use the steps and ramp using the Door Bell out of school hours (8:00am – 4:00pm).
  • Students meet in the Junior Courtyard in the afternoon for a rollcall.

Walkers / Train Travellers

  • On arrival at school all students move swiftly to the main courtyard area.
  • In the afternoon all students move swiftly to the designated areas for their supervised school dismissal.

It would be a useful exercise to have a discussion at home with your children about the above safety issues as a useful strategy to reinforce positive habits that keep everyone safe at a very busy and intense part of our school day.

Thanking all for your anticipated cooperation in this very important matter.

Ms Jane Molloy

K – 6 Personal Development and Health Teacher



Last Monday, we were lucky to have Joel Howlett come and dazzle us with his magic tricks and talk to us about the importance of reading and to aspire us to live out our dreams through books. The students had a ball and we would love to have him back in a couple of years for Book Week again!

To visit the website CLICK HERE


Scholastic Book Fair: 19 – 25 August

‘Fair Dinkum’ Book Week Show: 29 August (Years K-1 only)

K – 6 Book Parade: 7 September (please note this date has been changed from 26 August)

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian



Last Friday an enthusiastic team of Year 9 and 10 students participated in the Science and Engineering Challenge at Newcastle University. It was great to see the depth of engagement of the selected students in the challenges they were presented with. There was plenty of innovation and considered analysis reflected in the design and the construction of each of the working models produced. All members of the team are to be congratulated on their effort and tenacity throughout the day. Well done Lakes!

From 13 – 21 August, National Science Week is being celebrated with quite a number of exciting events, both locally and in Sydney. Here at Lakes we are definitely going to join in the fun. To kick off the week Year 10 students will participate in an interactive incursion ‘Case of Identity”. This forensic workshop requires the students to gather clues and solve a real crime. We wish them good luck.

The return of the paper plane competition will occur on Tuesday. This is an open event in the Senior School and will run at lunchtime at the back of the hall. Start practising your plane design and construction now. Planes can only be made from one A4 sheet of paper which will be provided on the day. Prizes for the plane that stays in the air the longest and also for the plane that travels the furthest straight line distance.

Throughout the week there will be a competition to see who among our students really knows their living organisms. Stay tuned the details for this will be announced on assembly on Monday.

Finally, on Friday we have a Science Week favourite returning with the running of this year’s Science and Technology Challenge. The aim of this event is to give all students in Year 8, as well as some selected students from both Years 6 and 7, the opportunity to engage in some Science and Technology problem solving. The event runs from recess until the end of the day and a BBQ lunch is provided for all participants. The students have been given seven different science and technology based ‘challenges’ to choose from and with a chosen team mate will spend the time competing against 6 other teams to complete the challenge and score the highest points. There are prizes awarded for each of the individual challenge winners. Again good luck to all.

If you are as keen about all things Science as we are Google Science Week and I am sure you will find plenty of suggestions for other activities that are running throughout the week you might find interesting.

Looking forward to a really Scientriffic week!

Mrs Jenny Charker


Thursday, 18 August @ 8pm – Limited spaces available.

Do you find your student spends a lot of time on social media or games? Are you concerned with how your student manages technology? In this free webinar Dr Prue Salter will show you how technology can help rather than hinder in high school and how to help your child find a balance between personal use of technology and technology use for school. In addition to this Rocky Biasi will show you how to help your child establish a success mindset.

To register:

To visit website CLICK HERE



Well done to Kade Russell, Nicholas Squires and Lexi Russell who competed in NSW Interschool Snowsports during the July school holidays. Amidst some horrible condition such as rain and poor vision all our students competed with true sportsmanship and determination to do their best. They represented our school with pride and we are very proud of their efforts.



Notes have now been sent home for the HRIS Soccer / Netball Gala Day. Please return notes quickly so that bus numbers can be confirmed.



HRIS Soccer and Netball Gala Day: 30 August

Mr Summers

(K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator)



Our School team competed hard in the HRIS ATHLETICS Championships and the following students have been selected in the HRIS team to compete in the AICES ATHLETICS Championships in the following events.

Best of luck to all of these students

Jackson Barnes200m, 100m, Long Jump and High Jump
Jeremy Beale 800m
Nicholas Bignall        Javelin Throw, Discus Throw and Shot Put
Eliza Carruthers1500m
Hannah Cliff  Discus Throw
Liam Duncan      1500m
Ryan Gardem    800m
Olivia Glanville          800m and 1500m
Izaac Hucker         High Jump
Madeline JamesJavelin Throw
Hayden KendallLong Jump
Bethany KranendonkLong Jump, High Jump, 100m and Triple Jump
Claudia Martin         200m and 100m
Anna McKechnie  High Jump, 100m and Long Jump
Benjamin McKechnieJavelin Throw
Jezebel Navusolo     Triple Jump
Corey Sanday  200m and 100m
Nyah Small      400m
Elizabeth Thomas  800m and 400m


Our rugby league 7s teams have been selected and are training for the upcoming NSW CIS Championships on the Monday, 22 August. We have a 15 years team and an open team competing.


We will be competing for the first time in the central Coast Oztag Championships in September. Our teams have been selected and are training during lunch times.

  • 7/8 boys and girls – Wednesday
  • 9/10 girls – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • 9/10 boys –Thursday
  • Open boys – Thursday


Jack Riches competed in the NSW All Schools Touch Football Championships last weekend. He played some wonderful touch football and scored 3 great tries throughout the championships. His touch football knowledge and skills have grown from the experience and CIS won their first ever game against the NSW Catholic Schools.


Boys HRIS Soccer

The under 15 Lakes Grammar Boys Soccer team worked hard this year to develop their soccer skills and team spirit.  The day started with us playing strong but unfortunately losing due to some lucky goals from the other team and many missed shots on goals. Lakes had possession of the ball most of the time and kept the pressure up all day.  We did win the last two games to finish in 10th position out of 16 teams. I would like to thank all the boys for their excellent effort and team spirit on the day. They demonstrated fine examples of how to win and lose with dignity and pulled together to create a strong team.

Our third game of the day was against St Columba.  Some fantastic passing work and a whole team effort resulted in two more goals for Indiana, one more for Han and a first goal for Olivia, giving us a 4-0 win. 


On Tuesday, 2 August the 15 Girls Soccer team travelled to Mayfield to complete in the HRIS Soccer Gala day.  It was a fantastic day!  The girls worked extremely hard and were able to play as a team to achieve some impressive wins over talented opposition. 

Our first game was against Central Coast Adventist School where goals from Indiana, Han and Aimee sealed a 3-1 win.  Jez was our goal keeper for this game and put in a fantastic effort.  Amber and Kianna had some awesome attacking runs down the line and were unfortunate to not achieve a goal. 

Our second game was against the eventual winners of the gala day, where we suffered a 3-0 loss.  Nyah, Briannon, Olivia, Indiana and Aimee were relentless in their efforts to put together some attacking plays.  We were very unlucky not to score in this game!  Despite this loss, the girls were positive and determined to win the upcoming games. 

Our third game of the day was against St Columba.  Some fantastic passing work and a whole team effort resulted in two more goals for Indiana, one more for Han and a first goal for Olivia, giving us a 4-0 win. 


With a possibility of coming first or second place for the girls, the pressure was on to win the final game of the day against Macquarie College.  Some excellent defensive clearances from Tayla, Emily and Ebboni as well as fantastic chases from Claudia combined with some super saves from our keeper Aimee helped to keep the opposition to only one goal.  Determination from Charlotte resulted in her achieving two goals and with another goal to Olivia we won the game 3-1. 

With our final game for the day over, the girls were very excited when they were announced as Runners-Up!  We came second by only one point. 


We have TWO students who have been selected in the HRIS 15s Football teams. Han Green and Liam Duncan will compete in the AICES Championships this week.

Best of luck to these students.



During the July school holidays Nicholas Bignall travelled to Canada in a Track and Field team comprising 44 athletes to compete in 2 meets. Nicholas was selected in the team following his excellent performances in the NSW All Schools Championships in Sydney late last year. Despite having to compete against 15 year olds (as it is a combined 14/15 year age group in Canada) Nicholas was able to win the discus event at his first meet in Kelowna as well as make the final in 4 other events. At the second meet in Vancouver, Nicholas placed 2nd in the discus event behind one of the top 15 year olds in Canada and again made the final in 3 other events. Overall he finished the tour with 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, and a very impressive 8 Personal Bests.

He was also lucky enough to take in the sights of Canada whilst on the trip during non-competitive and non-training days including the iconic towns of Whistler and Grouse Mountain. At the conclusion of the Canada leg of the tour, Nicholas and his family spent 5 days in LA taking in the sights including Disneyland, Universal Studio’s and Hollywood. Nicholas describes this as a great reward for all the hard work.

Nicholas said ‘Being able to travel and compete overseas was an amazing experience’. Experiences like this allow athletes to test themselves against some of the world’s best in their age group, develop long lasting friendships and strengthen their relationship with their family.

We look forward to future successes for Nicholas, wish him well in the upcoming athletics school season and thank him for sharing his experience with us. We are proud of you Nicholas. Well done on these achievements.

I would love to hear about any other student’s success outside of school. Please feel free to email me at:



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