Week 8, Term 1 2017



Digital Citizenship
A few weeks ago the Police Liaison Officer associated with our school, Constable Kim Smith, spoke to all students in Year 7 on the topic of staying safe on the internet. It was timely advice, helping students to be aware of potential traps on the internet.

Constable Smith encouraged our students to keep safe by only befriending people that they know, and by not allowing strangers into their cyberworld. She warned against ‘oversharing’ information such as full names, dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. Students were given warnings about cyberbullying and about sending inappropriate or offensive material to others and were told to block users who engage in inappropriate conversations.

The internet can be a difficult place for younger students to navigate and I encourage all parents to talk to your children, and to be aware of the types of sites that they are visiting. We are finding that some children are spending extrordinary large amounts of time on social media and an increasing number of teenagers are online late at night, and in some cases, in the early hours of the morning. A good routine is to leave phones and other devices out of bedrooms and to charge them in another place.

Years 3 - 6 Service at Lakes Anglican Parish

On Sunday 26 March we will be holding our regular service for Years 3 – 6 at Lakes Anglican at 9:30am. It would be wonderful to see you there and I encourage all families to try and attend.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

It was great to see a large number of parents last Monday at our first Parent / Teacher evening for the year. Bookings can still be made for the second evening on Tuesday and I encourage all our parents to make contact with your child’s teacher to get an update on how they are going at school.

Years 7 - 9 & Year 12 Exams

Exams are held for Years 7 – 9 at the end of term in English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese. These are an important part of the assessment program and students should be going over their work in preparation for these tests. Similarly, Year 12 will be completing their Half Yearly Examinations in the last 2 weeks of term and I wish them well as they undertake these important exams.


A big congratulations to our Chess Teams in the school who performed very commendably on Thursday at the Regional Championships in Berowra.

From Mrs Baxter -The 7/8 team won their division and the Senior Team came second, so we have a team in both Regional Semi-Finals.

Robbie MacDonald, Ashley Pernecker and Jack Blackshaw received medals for tying for a place but not getting the place and Jaden Garvey and Josh Locchi  got trophies for placing in the top 5.

They all played really well – you would have been proud.

Mr Ian Samways

Acting Principal




Years K to 11 Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday, 28 March 2017. Bookings for Parent Teacher Interviews are via Parent Lounge. An email has been sent to parents. Please take the time to read the information in that email.


Samaritians Fundraising Event

Wednesday, 5 April – Sunday, 9 April at 6pm-8pm

Newcastle Art School (TAFE), 590-608 Hunter Street Newcastle

We wish to thank and acknowledge our wonderful school community sponsor



Matt’s Mutterings

Have you tried something new in your life recently and come away from that experience totally invigorated.  Well, this week I have.  For me as a person I do like to try new things whether they are action type activities or different foods or visiting places I have never been before.  There is something about the freshness of an event that livens up my spirit.  The new thing I tried out this week was…wait for it…parent / teacher interviews.  I’d been on the parent side before, but never on the teacher side of things.  And I’ve got to tell you I absolutely loved it.  Wish I had been doing this for years.

It wasn’t just the brilliant parents who I saw in the formal appointment setting, but also those parents and grandparents who poked their head in my door or grabbed me for a quick chat.  Clearly, very clearly I was reminded that the greatest asset in our student’s lives are those who love and care for them, family.  It was an absolute joy to see something of the student that I know reflected in either mum, dad, grandma or sometimes a combination of them all.

So this week I simply wanted to say thank you to the families of our students.  Thank you for entrusting us with them.  We pray every day that your precious children will learn well, live wisely, serve others and honour God.  I pray too that as the year unfolds that we may continue to work together as teachers and other staff at Lakes Grammar with you the parents, grandparents and guardians to help our young people shine.  If you couldn’t get in to see me on either allocated day and you wanted to, then please contact the school to make an appointment that suits.  I’d love to hear your story and share with you about your child.

Bless ya!






Last Thursday, 16 March Lakes Grammar participated in a combined National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, and Harmony Day activities which was governed by our Senior School Counsellor, Amanda Wishart, and the Mental Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) Team.

In the Senior School, Jordan Stevens and Elyse Hayhurst presented an informative assembly item about bullying. Students in the Senior School, Year 5 and OC also participated in was making ribbon stars for the ‘One Million Stars to End Violence Project’. Students created over 260 stars which each represent the school’s commitment towards a bullying-free and violence-free environment at Lakes Grammar. The stars will also contribute to an art installation as part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

In the Junior School, our students looked at friendship through bullying and the notion of being an ‘up-stander’ for those who are being bullied. Some classes also made star craft to further promote the One Million Stars to End Violence.Thank you to all who were involved with special mention to Amanda Wishart (SS Counsellor), Anne-Marie Nicholls (SS Librarian), and our MHAP Team.

Please visit these websites for more information : and

"Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

Mrs Hayley Adcock

School Counsellor




Grandparents’ Day
2017 promises to be a very special Grandparents’ Day for families in Kindergarten to Year 2 classes. Information regarding this day has recently been sent out to parents and caregivers and is also available from Junior School Reception.
A number of our students will give performances at the school for their grandparents which recognises the significant contribution that they make to their education and growth and to thank them for their wisdom, contribution and assistance. The day is a wonderful opportunity for grandchildren to celebrate their education with their grandparents and to recognise their contribution to the upbringing of the children. It will be wonderful to meet you all on the day and I would really encourage your attendance.
We hope that many will join us on Friday, 7 April. The day will commence with the K – 6 Easter Service in the School Hall at 9.15am, followed by the K – 2 Grandparents’ Day concert at 10.00am. You are asked to respond as requested in the invitation.
Please note that parking will be at a premium and that our school bus will help with transport between the Junior School and the Hall. Remember students are expected to arrive in the Junior School at the normal time to enable rolls to be marked before they walk to the Hall.

Schools Leading Learning

Our Junior School teaching team have continued to work on the Schools Leading Learning project this year in working to further enhance academic outcomes for all of our students. Last Wednesday, Dr Frances Whalan and Cathryn Moore from AIS NSW led our staff team through reviewing our student work samples for writing against the literacy continuum, and triangulating this data against our NAPLAN results. This enables us to collaboratively plan for all of our teachers to work together on a lesson study next term in implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance targeted areas of student writing. A huge thank you to our teaching team for their hard work on this project and their preparation for Parent-Teacher interviews as well.



Lakes Grammar is partnering with Fun Languages Australia to offer Spanish lessons after school next term. The lessons will run from 3.05pm – 4.05pm each Wednesday afternoon. The lessons incorporate play-based language learning with fun activities, craft, drama, puppets, music and games.. The program is designed especially for primary aged children and is delivered by an experienced native Spanish Teacher. Vanessa Jiminez, the teacher, has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been teaching Spanish on the Central Coast since 2015. The cost is $16 per class, which is payable by the term, and discounts if more than one family member is enrolled in the class. You are welcome to contact Nathalie Roy at LCF Fun Languages Australia either via mobile on 0430 286 590 or via email at if you require additional information.

Harmony Day

Our school celebrated Harmony Day on Thursday, 16 March. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’, and the Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone.

On the day, Senior School students were able to work with Year 5 and OC students to participate in “The One Million Starts to End Violence Project” as part of our annual Harmony Day and National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence activities. Students from the Senior School’s Mental Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) group, Jordan Stevens and Elyse Hayhurst, presented an informative and heartfelt introduction to our celebrations. Students created over 260 stars which each represent the school’s commitment towards a bullying-free and violence-free environment. The stars will also contribute to a massive art installation as part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

I was also able to share a great story with our Year 3 – 6 students at assembly that afternoon – Mem Fox’s latest book, ‘I’m Australian Too!’, which celebrates our multicultural heritage, looking at the way that many people, from countries near and far have made their home in Australia, sharing our land with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Congratulations to all involved!

Year 2 Excursion

On Tuesday, 21 March Year 2 went to Warnies Café at Warnervale for a Geography excursion. They have been studying places in our local area and how spaces can be used.

Parent – Teacher Interviews

It was a delight to see so many parents this week at the Parent-Teacher Interviews on Monday evening. I would continue to encourage students to reflect on their goals for the year and performance to date in reviewing and setting goals for the remainder of the year in the context of their self-assessment and the feedback they have received from these interviews. Whilst reports are an accurate record of performance they are not the sole means of communicating detailed information to families.

Please remember that whilst these formal interviews give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher. You are most welcome, and encouraged, to speak with your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year.


Junior School Awards – Term 1 Awards Assembly

The Term 1 Awards Assembly is fast approaching and will be held in the School Hall on Monday, 27 March, commencing at 1.30pm.

In the event of wet weather, a condensed Assembly will be conducted under the Junior School COLA with prizewinners and performers attending. The Assembly will commence at 1.30pm in the event of Wet Weather. Details will be placed on the Events Line (4393 4134) if necessary.

Building Learning Power

We are continuing to work on our Building Learning Power program in classrooms. The diagram below shows the four areas of our ‘Building Learning Power’ program (Reach Out, Look Within, Think Clearly and Believe in Ourselves) which link in with our school motto ‘With Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’.

A number of learning actions which are associated with each area are listed around the outside of the circle.

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the beginning of the term, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Week 9: Litter in the bin  

Week 10: Forgiveness 

Stars of the Week

Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit’ of Compassion:

Abigail Sonter, Hannah Ponchard, Ella Turner, Addison Kowaliw, Christopher Webb, Keira Rodrick, Valentina Williams, Ava McLeod, Jenel Safar, Mitchell Pernecker, Blake Smith, Suzannah Ashby, Jhon Safar, Ella Palmer, Sam Cook, Anabella Amorin.

Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit’ of listening respectfully and with empathy: 

Oliver Hutch, Lachlan Young, Kobi Keys, Olyver Hokin, Emma Lamphee, Zander Graham, Liam Schwebel, Ella Lear, Benjamin O’Brien, Mackenzie Harmer, Anu Babu, Jayden Rooke, Jake Sanday, James Schurk, Lara Kinder, Boyd Rumbel.


Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


AFTERNOON MESSAGES are given to students immediately after lunch. Please be aware that the school reception area is a very busy time at the end of school and it is unreasonable to expect that a message can be taken out to students who have already departed their classrooms for the day to stand in bus lines or parent pickup. If you need to get a message to your child regarding alternative travel arrangements, please contact the school reception prior to 1.30pm.



New Library System

Our new library system ORBIT is now up and running. Check out the link below:

Also, check out the JS Library BLOG:


PRC 2017

Registration for the 2017 PRC is now open and we currently have 170 registered so far. Registration will close Monday,1 May if your child wishes to participate.

Students who do complete the 2017 PRC early (we have 3 so far), will each receive a certificate and photo for our JS Library Achievement wall.

We hope to receive the actual certificates by the end of the year from the NSW Premier’s Office.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian



Thank you to all the staff, students and parents who supported in the annual Clean Up Schools Day this year. It is really important that we continue to support such environmental programs to teach students the benefit of looking after our school environment and that of the wider community. Until next year….

Mr Danny Summers

Green Team


The Junior School HICES Debating Team 2017 had a successful win at their debate on Tuesday, 21 March against Newcastle Grammar School. They were the affirmative for the topic, ‘That all Australian households should compost’. I would like to congratulate the team on their efforts to develop a strong and convincing argument, backed by current research, and presented persuasively and respectfully.

Congratulations to: Kani Lukuta, Liam Lightfoot, Zoila Owais, Chloe Collins, Diluk Adikaram and Noah Simon.

Amanda Holland
Junior School Teacher/Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator



Art club will be starting this Friday lunchtime in C9.  Dedicated students with a particular passion for art are invited to expand on their knowledge of art making techniques and enjoy the creative process through a range of skills based activities. Any students that are interested should come and see me in the C block staff room for further information.

Direct Application: Mrs Baker

Venue: School Art Room

Time: Friday lunch

Eligibility: Students 7-12

Mrs Sally Baker

Senior School Teacher



A story about Amelia Holloway-Brown in Year 7 at Lakes Grammar. A little girls' dream is about to come true.Here is a wonderful story to share with you this weekend. Three weeks ago we shared a message from a lady in Australia named Belinda whose daughter, Millie aged 12, loves elephants and follows our page every day. Millie's story caught the attention of Sharon Joyner and Peter Jones from THE CHAVA RESORT  SURIN BEACH, PHUKET. Sharon wrote to us and said that we make elephants' dreams come true and they wanted to make a little girls' dream come true. They generously offered a one week stay at their luxury hotel for Millie and her family... and we are very excited to announce that Millie is here in Phuket. Tomorrow, Millie and her family are visiting Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and Millie will be meeting all the elephants she has been reading about, meeting elephants for the very first time in her life. It is going to be a very special day for us all.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.


Original letter from Mum (Post, 19 Feb 2017)

Millie, aged 12 from the Central Coast Australia.

We have received the most beautiful message from Millie, aged 12. Millie's mum, Belinda, wrote to us with the following:

Hi guys,

I have been a follower of your page for a while now and I love to follow the progress of your elephants. I just wanted to share with you a little story that brought tears to my eyes tonight. My youngest daughter is 12 and when grabbing my phone ALWAYS goes on FB and looks up your page. Just now she came out to me and said with tears in her eyes "mummy they can't fix the elephants eyes". At first I wasn't sure what she was talking about. She showed me the post and then read it out to us all.

After that moment she looked at me and said "thank goodness she is loved and cared for though mum, because elephants have feelings just like us and even if she can't see she feels loved"

I wanted to share this with you so you know that your posts and updates touch many people throughout the world. Even a little girl from a small place in Australia.
God bless you all xo


Belinda Spackman-Brown


Morrisby testing for Year 10 students, is on Monday, 27 March and Wednesday, 29 March. Students will only need to bring a bottle of water. Students do not go to assembly or tutor group but straight to C6 for a prompt 8.45 am start. The students will have a break during the test. Names and dates of students are posted on the Year 10 notice board outside the library.

Year 11 will be receiving information on Early Entry Schemes for Universities and how they can have a less stressful Year 12.

Mrs Cathy James

Careers Adviser


A big thankyou to all of the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who took part in the Questacon Smart Skills program. The enthusiasm with which they all attempted to solve the proposed problem of flight was encouraging to watch. It is quite evident we have a number of students who not only enjoy Science but also possess some keen scientific investigative and problem solving skills.

Today all Year 9 students applied the knowledge gained during this term to design and construct a ‘house’ that met strict ‘building code’ requirements. This included water conservation, thermal efficiency and sound proofing. Congratulations to all on the success of your construction. This task showed how well you can work collaboratively to creatively find the best possible solution to a problem.

Year 11 Biology and Senior Science are off to the Hunter Wetlands to take part in a field study in preparation for upcoming assessment tasks in each course. Preliminary Physics students completed their first assessment task today and Preliminary Chemistry students are also in the process of preparing for their first Stage 6 assessment. All of these tasks are based on first-hand investigations so some of the best preparation would be to have all experimental work from this term submitted and critiqued as the feedback could prove to be invaluable when attempting the assessment.

I would like to encourage all Year 12 students as they prepare to sit their Half Yearly Examinations. Keep up the hard work - nothing can replace thorough preparation for exams. All summaries should be complete and as many past examination style questions attempted.

Year 7 – 9 students also have Half Yearly Exams coming up before the end of term and should be preparing now. Again writing summaries and studying the Examination Study Guide can help you focus on the concepts that may be assessed.  If there is something you are not sure of now is the time to ask your class teacher.

Mrs Jenny Charker

Science Co-ordinator


Last week was very intense for Lakes Grammar’s Tiah Vale, cutting off almost twelve inches of her hair for the event of the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’. The yearly event, which began back in 1998, encourages people who have been affected, or not, by leukaemia to shave or colour their hair, to promote and raise awareness for blood cancer. The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national charity dedicated to helping more Australians survive their blood cancer and live a better quality of life.

“I wanted to do the World's Greatest Shave to raise money for people with leukaemia. A family friend has this disease and I participated last year as well, by dying my hair and in the process raised $280. This year I raised $934 by cutting my hair. I just wanted to help out with all of this while keeping my friend in mind.” – Tiah Vale, Year 8.

Harmony Day is the global celebration of cultural diversity and aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

On the Tuesday, 21 March the Senior School, Year 5 and OC students participated in ‘The One Million Stars to End Violence project! This initiative is part of the school’s scheme to show our commitment towards Harmony Day and National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The one million stars represents how monumental the task of ending violence is and that everyone needs to participate to end all forms of violence. Each star representing a person’s commitment to practise light, hope, courage and solidarity. The students of the Senior School sought to fulfil this commitment by creating over 260 stars which will each represent an individual and the school’s commitment towards a bullying free and violence free environment, the stars will also contribute to a massive art installation as part of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Congratulations and thank you to all that were involved on behalf of the Year 12 prefects and the Mental Health Advocacy Program.


On Wednesday, 3 May Brainstorm Productions will be presenting their student Wellbeing Program ‘Sticks & Stones’ for Years 7-9.

Seen and enjoyed by over 1.7 million students, Sticks & Stones is a fearless exploration of violence and aggression and its devastating consequences. The play is confronting and performed by two highly-trained actors, who as young role models, can genuinely connect with the audience and make it clear that masculinity and violence are NOT one and the same. The production encourages teenagers to re-think their views about violence, abuse and controlling behaviour. The performance is followed by an after-show discussion that examines student’s attitudes, challenges stereotypes and aims to breakdown any pre-conceived ideas about violence being acceptable.

Sticks & Stones is part of our student Wellbeing curriculum and the program has been developed in consultation with teachers, psychologists, as well as real-life student experiences. The methodology of the program is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental and designed to provide students with positive and useful tools that they can use in their everyday lives.

Brainstorm Productions is Australia’s largest educational touring theatre company. Their programs cater to the specific wellbeing needs of students, helping to create a healthy and harmonious school environment. If you would like to know more about Brainstorm Productions, visit their website at

Mrs Amanda Wishart

School Counsellor




Lakes Grammar Cross Country Carnival
Due to the recent wet weather, our school Cross Country will now be held at school on next Tuesday, 28 March. Students can start training now if they wish. HRIS X Country carnival will take place next term.

CIS Swimming

We wish to congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievement in reaching and competing in the CIS Primary Swimming Carnival in Homebush this week: 

Ella Burgess

Miranda Feller

Jake Freeman

Rihana Gosselin

Elodie Jewell

Mackensie Roffey

Douglas Ruzicka

Hannah Ruzicka

Jamie Seol

Joel Seol

Nelson Tsoa-Lee

Liam Lightfoot – HRIS Boys’ Football Trials

Congratulations to Liam Lightfoot for making the HRIS Football Boys Football Team.


Tia Palu – HRIS Girls’ Netball Trials

Congratulations to Tia Palu for making the HRIS Girls’ Netball Team. Thank you to Mrs Cliff for taking on the management of the team and Jah Taiapo for coaching.


Ava-Marie Carlson / Dylan Coyte – NSW State Athletics

Ava recently competed in the NSW State Athletics Championships. Results included Discus (6th), 200m (13th), Shotput (15th), 100m (17th). Ava really enjoyed the experience. Well done Ava!

Dylan also competed and gave it his all, even under an injury cloud. He finished 12th in 100m, 14th in 200m and 19th in Long Jump. Well done Dylan!

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, white coloured joggers (no fluro colours), school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well, especially on hot days, which we have experienced lately. 

HRIS / CIS Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the Junior School Sports noticeboard with upcoming events. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as X Country, swimming, etc.), then they are required to purchase a polo HRIS shirt from the school. They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details regarding any HRIS / CIS requirements.

Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator


HRIS Swimming Championships

Was held on Wednesday, 15 March and all of our competitors swam their hearts out all day. The team was in good spirits and supported each other well during the day. We had some wonderful individual results and finished a very close 3rd as a school team.

The following students have been selected in the HRIS Swimming Team, which will compete at AICES on 30 March:

Cameron Stanfield

  • 50m Fly
  • 50m Back

Daniel Soel

  • 50m Breast

Benjamin McKechnie

  • 5om Breast
  • 100m Free

Olivia Glanville

  • 50m Fly
  • 50m Breast
  • 50m Free

Alexander Bell

  • 50m Breast

Age champions:

12-year-old girls Tegan Lynch 

16-year-old boys Benjamin McKechnie


Age group champions:

12yr boys – David Lewis Oliver McCormack-McDonald,

12yr girls – Tegan Lynch & Emma Florimo

13yr boys – Cameron Stanfield, Daniel Soel, & Alexander Bell

16yr boys – Benjamin McKechnie, Dylan Lovell & Sam McKechnie

16yr girls – Olivia Glanville, Aimee-Jane Strawbridge & Tayla Everson

17yr girls – Briley Walls & Whitney Akhurst  

College Soccer Competition

The wet weather has seriously affected our College Soccer Competition.

Games are held at lunch times on:

Tuesday’s = Year 7 & 8

Thursday’s = Year 9 &10

Friday’s = Year 11 & 12

School Cross Country

The Senior School Cross Country will be held during Periods 3 & 4, on Tuesday, 28 March. All students are expected to complete the course.


Upcoming School Team Trials

U14’s Netball, U16’s Netball & Opens Netball

Senior Boys and Girls Soccer

Please see Mr Beecroft to sign up asap.


Upcoming HRIS Team Trials

To attend these trials students should be playing at a representative level outside of school.

Touch Football – 21 March

Upcoming Events

Central Coast Surfing Titles – 24 March

AICES Swimming – 30 March

Bill Turner Cup (boys) Trophy (girls) Thursday, 23 March Vs Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Berkley Vale.

School Sport Team Coaches

I am seeking interest for suitably qualified and interested people who would like to coach our Senior School sporting teams.

Please email Mr Beecroft –


Other Sports News

Bethany Kranendonk placed 5th in Long jump and 9th overall in the 100m at the NSW Little Athletics State Track & Field Championships. The foul line being her biggest competitor. Bethany will be contesting at the Australian Athletic Championships being held in Sydney. She competes in the u/18 women's Long Jump event.

Ashley Pernecker also competed in the NSW Little Athletics State Track & Field Championships and came away with a Silver Medal in the 3000m event. This has been a long term goal for Ashley and something she has worked extremely hard to achieve. Ashley is looking forward to the upcoming Cross Country season. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement Ashley.

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-Ordinator



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Online ordering is available for a wide range of school activities including canteen, events, fundraisers and more. To register or login to Flexischools visit


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