Our students emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing is supported by our School Chaplain with weekly chapel services in the Anglican tradition. In addition to that our students are part of a Tutor Group which is looked after by a Tutor Teacher. This is the teacher that each student will see every morning for roll call and each fortnight for a tutor session. These sessions often follow the same theme as the Chapel. The sessions are designed to develop students social and emotional learning. Other activities are often organised by older students in addition to the Tutor Session, which are designed to have each student compete in activities for College points. All the activities are designed to help foster a sense of belonging.  


The areas we typically focus on for each year group are: 


Year 7 – organisation, resilience and bullying 

Year 8 – safe use of technology, bullying and making good choices 

Year 9  compassion, service and gratitude 

Year 10 – careers, their responsibility with the law and service 

Year 11 – study guidance, coping with stress and leadership 

Year 12 – coping with HSC strategies, self-care, and careers 


Each year group is overseen by a Year Adviser who is part of the wellbeing team. A student may be referred by the Year Adviser to the school counsellor or chaplain if further social, emotional or spiritual support is asked for or needed. 


Students attend a  weekly Chapel Service with a separate service for Years 7 to 9 and Years 10 to 12. Chapel is a time for students to reflect on their lives and explore their faith. Student led opportunities exist during our Chapel Services.

Christian Studies

All students in Years 7-10 have a lesson once a week where students explore the Bible and different world-views, ethics, philosophy, history and social responsibility.  Students are invited to reflect on their own perspectives & mirror them with Christianity.


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