Years 7 and Year 8 

Stage 4 is where students start to learn to become independent in their learning and to self-assess and monitor their learning habits based on feedback they receive from their teachers and their peers. In Stage 4 there is a focus on developing and refining students’ literacy and numeracy skills, so they are well prepared for the following years. We encourage our students and assist them to begin to become inquisitive, reflective and determined learners. Students build their capacities to collaborate and to think critically and creatively. 

Students complete the following mandatory subjects over the course of Stage 4: 

English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE, Christian Studies, Visual Arts, Technology and Music. Chinese is studied in Year 8.

In Mathematics classes are graded from Year 7. From Year 8 an A class exists and two ungraded, mixed ability classes in English, Science, Geography and History.  

Highlights across the academic calendar in Stage 4 include:  

  • Integrated STEM program in Year 8 (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 
  • STEM Sustainable Farm Exhibition in Year 8 
  • Science Crystal Growing Competition   
  • Lakes Annual Spelling Bee  
  • Night athe Museum – Display of History Projects 
  • Design a Liveable City in Year 7 Geography 
  • Creative Arts Focus Day in Year 7 



Years 9 and 10 

In Stage 5 we continue to broaden the Learning Power of our students, asking them more to set learning goals, self-regulate and reflect and act upon the feedback received from their teachers. We ask them to start to think about and plan for their journey through Years 11 and 12 and beyond school. A highlight in our academic calendar in Year 10 is our own Careers Expo. During Year 9 and 10, wcontinue to draw our students towards independence, curiosity and to develop a love of learning. 

Students complete the following mandatory subjects over the course of Stage 5: 

English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, PDHPE, Christian Studies, Visual Arts, Technology and Music.

Electives that are typically offered are shown below (Please note: some electives may not be offered every year) 

Electives (students choose 2 subjects): 

ChineseCommerce Design and Technology
DramaFood TechnologyInformation and Software Technology
MusicPhotographic and Digital Media Physical Activity and Sports Studies
Visual Arts

Highlights across the academic calendar in Stage 5 include:   

  • Annual Art Exhibition 
  • Pi Day in Mathematics 
  • Poetry Competition in English 
  • Raw Challenge in PDHPE 
  • University of Newcastle Science & Engineering Challenge 
  • Easter Show – Year 10 Food Technology 
  • War on Waste – Year 9 Geography 

Year11 and 12 

In Stage 6 our focus for our students is to assist them to be the best person they can be and to create opportunities for themselves. Students are supported to choose subjects of interest and/or subjects which may complement post-school studies. We walk alongside our Senior Students creating a calm and purposeful environment where students feel empowered through increasing independence and choice in their learning. 

Students can choose an ATAR or a non-ATAR line of study for their HSC. As well as choosing from subjects offered here at school, students can choose to include TAFE and/or Trade Training Subjects as part of their line of study. 

For Stage 6 is English is mandatory. Students must choose from one of the following: 

English Advanced  

English Standard 

English Studies  (ATAR & Non-ATAR) 

Below is  a list of our electives that are typically offered each year depending on student numbers:


Mathematics Standard ChemistryEngineering Studies
Mathematics AdvancedBusiness StudiesFood Technology
Ancient HistoryLegal StudiesDrama
Modern HistoryGeographyVisual Arts
BiologyPDHPEMusic 1
PhysicsDesign & TechnologyChinese


Extension Subjects offered include: 

English Extension 1 

English Extension 2  (Year 12 only) 

Mathematics Extension 1 

Mathematics Extension 2  (Year 12 only) 

History Extension  (Year 12 only) 

Science Extension  (Year 12 only) 

Pathways from school to beyond 

Here at Lakes Grammar there are several ways we support students to achieve their chosen post-school career pathways; we pride ourselves on the fact we promote and support all students’ career aspirations. To receive the HSC students must complete 2 units of English and pass the Minimum Standards Tests in Writing, Reading and Numeracy.  The pattern of study options for the HSC here at Lakes Grammar include: 


At Lakes Grammar we offer the majority of the HSC Board Developed subjects. Students can choose from a variety of subjects offered here at school to study to qualify to receive both their HSC and ATAR. We also support students to complete subjects via Distance Education if we do not offer the subject here at the school. 

Vocational Education 

Students can receive their HSC and ATAR as well as receiving a Certificate II qualification. Students can choose to attend a local Trade Training Centre or TAFE. To receive an ATAR students may only choose ONE Trade Training Centre course or ONE TAFE course (if they are not studying any other Category B HSC subject). Students who do not wish to receive an ATAR may choose more than one subject. 

The Trade Training Centre TVET Program allows students to obtain a Certificate II in one the following four frameworks; they complete the qualification in one year instead of two. The courses currently offered are: 

  • Construction (Wadalba Community School or Lake Munmorah High School) 
  • Metals & Engineering (Gorokon High School) 
  • Primary Industries (Wyong High School) 
  • Hospitality (Northlakes High School) 

Students who choose to study a subject at TAFE complete the courses over two years and have the option to obtain a Certificate II qualification. If students wish to receive an ATAR, they can choose ONE subject from the list below to be included in their pattern of study if they are not studying any other Category B HSC subject. 

Subjects currently available for study at TAFE to receive an ATAR include: 

  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Electrotechnology
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Metals and Engineering
  • Primary Industries
  • Retail Operations
  • Tourism 

Special Education (Life Skills) 

Here at Lakes we are committed to supporting all students and assisting them to complete the HSC. If a student has special education needs, they can attain their HSC by studying Life Skills courses. There are specific entry requirements for the Life Skills courses and students still need to meet the general eligibility and study patterns to earn your HSC. Life Skills courses do not count towards the ATAR. Our Learning Support Team here at Lakes is committed to assisting our students to attain their HSC and they also assist them with accessing post-school employment options.  


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