Our Senior School is a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ school, which means students are expected to bring a device to school every dayFrom 2021 the preferred device for a student in the Senior School is a Microsoft Surface, MacBook or another type of laptop. We prefer not an Android device or Chromebook. 

Technology is used often in classrooms and is part of the teaching programs to enhance the teaching and learning experience for staff and students. As a Microsoft school, the main platforms which are used in the classroom include Teams and OneNote.  

Technology is used to enhance learning by: 

  • Providing the students with a platform to access current, up-to-date information 
  • Through Microsoft Teams students can seek feedback from their teachers 
  • Develop the students’ ICT skills to better prepare them for life outside of school 
  • Enhancing the students learning through modern and familiar means 
  • Enhancing the virtual communication skills of the students 
  • Providing the students with a platform where they can easily turn assessment tasks in 
  • Enabling the students access to multiple presentation platforms 

You will be able to purchase a device at a reduced price by using any of the following options, but we advise you to compare prices.

JB Hi-Fi:

Code: LAKES2022

Apple Store: Use Lakes Grammar as the school name.

For further information about product options, payment information and warranties please click here.



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