Building Better Futures


At Lakes Grammar we partner with parents and caregivers in the formation of vibrant young people who are equipped to take their place in a complex and rapidly changing world, who will spark joy in the lives of those around them and who will have an impact for good in our world. So we focus on building character – spiritual, moral and intellectual character.

We call this framework Vital because vital is from the Latin vita which means life. So Vital is about living and what is essential for a good life. It also implies energy, liveliness, even life-giving. The Vital framework gives a broad description of the type of graduate we want to see emerging from Lakes Grammar, a person who is faithful, compassionate, reflective, inquisitive and determined. Each character quality is comprised of several components that help to build that aspect of character. Many of them interrelate – we are whole people after all and can't be broken down into separate parts. All the components, and other influences beyond school, combine to nurture a flourishing human being, who has the qualities and tools to build better futures for themselves and others.


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