New Uniform Shop

Opening hours:


8am - 10am


8am - 10am


2pm - 4pm


8am -10am

Please check for all shop hours and conditions.

You can contact the uniform shop for enquiries on 0412 168 048 or email

Second Hand Uniform Shop

If you have an enquiry regarding the Second Hand Uniform Shop please email

Please note the following processes that are in place to ensure we are operating in a COVID-safe manner.

  1. Entry via admin breezeway (facing the school – right hand side of school - walk up pedestrian walkway and use the crossing across the staff carpark).
  2. Before you enter please use hand sanitiser   
  3. The breezeway/ shop will be set up as a one-way direction only with one entry and one exit.
  4. Maximum of 3 people will be allowed into the shop.   
  5. Please maintain social distancing when in the breezeway/shop area.
  6. When the limit of 3 is exceeded parents will be issued a number on a first come basis and you will be called when you are allowed into the breezeway.
  7. If you are selling items to the 2ndhand uniform shop please complete the Uniform Sales form and hand it over with the clothing. Please find the form here

Opening dates and hours:            

Tuesday 17 May

8am - 10am

Tuesday 31 May

8am - 10am

Tuesday 14 June

8am - 10am

If you wish to sell uniform items please log into Parent Lounge, click on the Links tab and select 2nd Hand Uniform Sales and download the form.


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